Marine Conservationist Ocean Ramsey Almost Dives Directly Into A Shark’s Mouth

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A marine conservationist in Hawaii came very close to diving off of a boat directly into the mouth of a tiger shark. The video of the close encounter is insane.

Her name is Ocean Ramsey and she’s a conservationist, free diver, and model based out of Hawaii. In addition to the impressive slash line, she operates One Ocean Diving, a company that facilitates dives with marine life.

In a recent video she shared, Ocean is preparing to dive into the water off of the side of a boat. Just before doing so she spots a shark approaching her and quickly retreats back onto the boat.

Marine Conservationist Ocean Ramsey Shark's Mouth
Marine conservationist with sharks (Image Credit: Ocean Ramsey/Instagram)

The shark continues moving toward her with its mouth open and pokes it’s head out of the water briefly near her fins.

Most people would need a cleanup after such an encounter, but not Ocean. She and the person taking video of the close call laugh it off.

Ocean Ramsey Is Built Different

The video, which naturally gained a lot of attention, was partially captioned, “We love Tiger shark Queen Nikki’s enthusiasm to greet Ocean Ramsey. Ocean reading an approach quickly and accurately knowing when to respectfully back up.”

A face with tears of joy emoji was thrown into the caption for good measure. Nothing says tears of joy like almost diving into a shark’s mouth.

Almost diving into a shark’s mouth would have ended my diving with sharks adventures for good. The same probably can’t be said for Ocean Ramsey.

If all of the other videos she has swimming with sharks are any indication, she jumped right in after her close call.

She followed the close call video up on Instagram by reposting a public safety video. In it she shows step by step instructions on how to avoid being eaten by a large shark.

I’ll take her word for it. One way to definitely avoid that is by not diving with large sharks in the first place. That’s my plan to avoid being eaten. I’ll leave the diving with sharks to the model conservationists.

Written by Sean Joseph

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