Maria Taylor Seems To Have Forgiven Drew Brees

Well, here is a turn of events.

After spending last summer maligning Brees’ character, Maria Taylor is now taking friendly photos with her new office-sharing work buddy:

You may remember that Drew Brees turned heel last summer for the worst possible reason: he expressed support for the American flag and for American service members.

“I’ll always stand for the flag because of what it means to me and to honor all those who have sacrificed, who have served and died for our country, and all those who have struggled to move this country forward,” Brees said.

In response, Taylor got mad. Very mad.

“Shame on you,” Taylor said on First Take, in reference to Brees. “Would Drew Brees do this if there was no backlash? Did [his] heart actually change?

“You were not doing the right things before, and I really wonder why the apology is happening now,” Taylor goes on.

“I’m exhausted and I’m tired of having to listen to someone say something like that, and then having to sit back, ‘Well, maybe he didn’t. Maybe it’s not in his heart.’ When you reveal yourself to me and you say something like that and say it out of an intolerant mind and/or heart or a non-empathetic heart and for the last five years all we’ve seen is countless deaths in the street.

“My patience left my body when I watched George Floyd take his last breath.”

So one of two things are true:

1) Maria Taylor is a forgiving person who doesn’t hold a grudge and who always puts the team first. (Somewhere the now-canceled Rachel Nichols just fainted.)

2) Taylor was never actually mad at Brees. Instead, she just got performatively mad for the brand.

I’ll go with No. 2.

See, when Brees expressed his patriotic fervor, Taylor saw an opportunity, one that she thought would triple her market value. It almost worked, by the way.

Before Maria Taylor asked for $8 million a year during contract negotiations, she was one of ESPN’s most promising broadcasters. Had she not turned into a slightly less angry version of Keith Olbermann, she could have eventually succeeded Stephen A. Smith as the face of ESPN.

However, that all changed last summer.

While ESPN had become more racialized for years, racial tensions reached a peak after George Floyd’s death. Last year, ESPN talents gained leverage by making headlines involving racial matters. Taylor and her then-colleagues seized this moment and used Brees as a launching point. By pretending Brees’ patriotic comments were offensive, they capitalized on ESPN’s cowardice. They knew that the network would never push back. You could call that fraud or business. Honestly, the two words often mean the same.

Though Brees also looks like a coward by chumming up with Taylor as though nothing happened, there’s not much he can do. If Brees crosses Taylor, it’s over. In comes Taylor’s army at the New York Times. An army like that doesn’t stop after a victory. The collapse of Rachel Nichols was only a tease. Someone is next. Brees is trying to make sure it isn’t him.

Anyway, I wish the new rookie NBC Sports duo the best. As long as Brees agrees to play Robin to Taylor’s Batman, this combination could work, at least for a year or two.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Omg…get over yourself. Drew Brees is not a victim. He worked at a place were the majority of the people he worked with were black. That MAGA shit don’t work in sports. You actually have to step out on the field after talking that BIG BOY MAGA SHIT….IE..No conservatives in sports. Fox News and Outkick can’t help you in sports. Just bring your ass, we’ll do the kicking

    • Drew Brees was not a victim. He was a SELL OUT!! He is a spineless coward! I am sure his grandfathers that he supposedly respected so much, would turn over in their graves to see how he sold out! You say he worked in a place where the majority is black and therefore had to give up his values; isn’t that what the whole point of diversity was supposed to be?! You can be different and still work together?

      • Actually Drew played on a team. That Outkick Fox News bullshit will only get you crushed in the sports world once you step out on the feild. Better talk that big boy shit with friends. On the field or court your ass belongs to us. period

        • Balls on chin throws shade at Outkick and FOX, while commenting on Outkick and probably FOX. What a depressing little life you have. Just troll the comments on right leaning sites. Get a hobby bruh. Like fishing or golf. Being a jackass in the comment section is so last year. Get the hate out of your heart. Go to church, say hi to a woman, do something positive in your life. Living such a pitiful life isn’t healthy.

      • Tiger, You’re arguing with a fictional character in disguise, who is actually Balls Chin Lie. Don’t waste your time. It’s a bot. A real person, as such, would be at a massage parlor for the majority of their time and would not have time to type such drivel.

    • Meanwhile Drew Brees is a HOF QB so what is your point? Per usual you have none. I bet you have never even played junior varsity anything, fuck JV you probably got cut from the 7th grade team with all the other kids who couldn’t make a lay up or run a mile in less than 10 minutes. You are so fake like a Kardashian set of lips (both above and below).

  2. Drew Brees was a white guy in a black man’s dominant (violent) sport … and he was playing a very vulnerable position. Had he not “caved” he would have been “a marked man” with a bounty on his head.

    His mistake was taking such a strong public stand originally.

  3. All this shows is all media is fake, all opinions are fake, and no one in their right mind should watch ESPN, ABC, NBC, or CBS, CNN. It is all a money grab by these individuals and they laugh all the way to the bank, now Drew will be taking up the BLM cause and equity or whatever the trend is for 2021.

    Just wait as he will now talk about how much dishonor his grandfathers brought against this country and how Republicans are all evil. I usually watch games on mute and listen to a podcast as watching sports with commentary is just like Obiden reading a teleprompter, boring as hell.

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