Marco Rubio Destroys Rob Manfred Who Has Yet To Resign From Augusta National

The battle between Major League Baseball and those who see the sport’s leaders as selectively woke has erupted to a senatorial level as Florida’s Marco Rubio has now jumped into the fray. In a letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, Rubio eviscerated the commissioner who has yet to denounce his membership at Augusta National. “I write to ask you whether you intend to maintain your membership at Augusta National Golf Club. As you are well aware, the exclusive members-only club is located in the State of Georgia,” Rubio wrote.

“I am under no illusion you intend to resign as a member from Augusta National Golf Club. To do so would require a personal sacrifice, as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta,” the senator concluded.

And with that, Manfred has a major decision to make. How woke is he willing to go, especially when his side, led by the lunatic fringe of ESPN’s Bomani Jones and Keith Olbermann has been beating the ‘Boycott The Masters’ drum? Is Rob ready to man up and tell the Masters he won’t be back to enjoy a round? Is Rob ready to go back to fighting for a badge like the commoners?

Rob’s screwed here since Major League Baseball, led by Manfred, is now of the mindset that it must punish Georgia for passing a voting law it doesn’t agree with. He can’t attend the 2021 Masters and needs the dust to settle in 2022 to get back to a place he loves.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • Lip service and Twitter zingers are not fighting back. Rubio, Lindsey Graham and the whole legacy Rep crew are great at that, but they never get anything done legislatively except tax cuts for their masters.

  1. Manfred violated the number one rule of wokeness. Will my woke decision affect me personally or professionally. It looks like he got swept up in the decision to protest a voting law that’s essentially the same law as that of the home state of our basement dwelling president.

  2. Love. It.
    The Woke are never truly as altruistic as they’d like to believe.
    Will Manfred be brave enough to reply?
    Oh…and he should change his last name in the process. “MANfred” surely must also be a trigger for The Woke.

  3. Perhaps these people in positions of authority will figure out going the Pontius Pilate route doesn’t appease the destructive passions of the mob.

    Besides…you know why nobody ever calls Keith Olbermann to resign from anything…because he gets fired or let go all the time.

  4. I was huge life long MLB fan and one of my greatest sports memories with dad was watching Kirk Gibson’s home run in the ’88 World Series. But when the news came out Friday about MLB moving the ASG, I will no longer watch MLB. There are plenty of other things I can do with my time. MLB along with the CCBL (Communist Chinese Basketball League, formerly known as the NBA), should move their organizations over to China so they can play and bow down to their masters over there.

    It’s about time that republicans stand up and fight back against with woke crap! Guaranteed that he won’t give up his membership, but if Augusta National has any balls, they would take the initiative and revoke his membership effective immediately!

  6. The real power move here would be Augusta National just eliminating his membership for actively harming the state of GA for simply getting their legislation in line with the majority of the country. Although that would allow him to skate without admitting his hypocrisy.

  7. Lifelong Reds fan that canceled all of my MLB subscriptions this week. Infuriated by this childish decision. Still planning a few trips to Cincinnati though not to go to the game anymore but to support the hotel we usually stay at and the local bars and restaurants around GABP. I have to still support all those folks.

  8. Let’s take it a step further. Manfred, you need to relinquish your Commissioner seat to a person of color or transgender. All the old white elected Democratic leaders like Schumer and Pelosi need to be shamed into giving up their leadership positions to African American Democrats. Set the example. Old, white, multi millionaires want to lecture us on white supremacy and privilege. GTF outa here! I love what Rubio did. This needs to continue to the extreme. Everyone with a public voice needs to jump on this train. Fuck these people. And fuck MLB. I can survive without watching 20 million a year guys go 1 for 4 with 3 Ks every night or 15 million dollar a year starters go 5 and get pulled even though they’re throwing a 2 hit shut out because some dork has a computer program that says to bring in a lefty.

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