Mesmerizing Timelapse Shows Intricate Process Of Painting March Madness Final Four Court

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If you haven’t been watching the Women’s March Madness alongside The Big Dance, you’ve been missing out! This year’s tournament has been exhilarating, and viewership only continues to grow.

The 2022 women’s tournament averaged 634,000 viewers per game, which was a 16% increase over 2021. This year’s ratings are likely going to shatter that number. The passion and fanfare, coupled with massive upsets, made for a very exciting first weekend.

Virginia Tech’s fanbase showed out in full voice to spite the NCAA with its home-court advantage.

No. 1-seed Stanford, one of the sports’ powerhouse programs led by legendary head coach Tara Vanderveer, felt the wrath of the SEC after getting upset by Ole Miss on their home court.

Miami, led by Haley Cavinder, may have gotten away with a controversial no-call in the First Round.

The Hurricanes then upset a No. 1 seed in the Second Round and did so in style.

Meanwhile, Louisville star Hailey Van Lith — who was wrongly omitted from the All-American team — put a nail in Texas’ coffin and then proceeded to get an earful from the Longhorns.

This all goes to say that the Women’s NCAA Tournament has been exhilarating thus far. Although the men’s side will draw a large viewership, the women’s game is just as fun.

Especially in the postseason. And especially this year.

As the tournament reaches the Sweet Sixteen this weekend, it’s time to start thinking about which teams might make the Final Four, which will be held at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

One of the best parts of March Madness, for both genders, is the Final Four court. It features a new paint job every year and it always has some flair to it.

This year’s March Madness is no different!

While us viewers often appreciate how awesome the court looks, it is rare that we think about what went into making the court look so cool. We don’t often consider the process behind the paint job.

There is a lot more that goes into the court than you might think, as exemplified by this mesmerizing timelapse, which gives a really neat, relaxing look at the behind-the-scenes work. It might even serve as ASMR for basketball fans.

You’ll have to wait and see the finished product next week, but here is how it will look:

Every detail has its own meaning, and the court design couldn’t look better. It’s simple, but flashy, and easy on the eyes, but eye-popping!

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