Man With World’s Biggest Penis Has One Enormous Complaint

Life as the man with the world’s biggest penis can be incredibly exhausting at times, according to Jonah Falcon, the man who’s walking around with a rocket that has its ups and downs. The actor from New York is in London this week and was interviewed on ITV’s “This Morning” where he explained what life is like with a 13-inch plus penis…when erect.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always great being the guy with a massive penis.

“I’m sick and tired of having people wanting me to measure it in front of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times – enough already!” Falcon told ITV.

It’s not just the people who need confirmation by whipping out tape measures. There are also the misconceptions people have about Falcon, 51, that drive him crazy.

Man with world's biggest penis
Man with world’s biggest penis — Jonah Falcon / Facebook

“For some reason, having 13-plus inches means I’m a bad person, or I’m egotistic, or I’m a porn star, or I’m dumb, or I’m a slut,” Falcon told show hosts Phillip Schofield and Josie Gibson, who was clearly shocked at what Jonah’s working with inside his pants.

“I look down, there is nothing special. I don’t compare it to objects, but when I take out the rulers I am like ‘OK’,” Falcon noted.

World's biggest penis size
ITV’s Josie Gibson completely shocked at the size of World’s Largest Penis

It’s been quite a career for Falcon, who is a frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show. He’s had parts on Melrose Place, The Sopranos, Law & Order, The Daily Show and pretty much anywhere else that will have him, like ITV.

But enough of the measuring request. After 10,000 or so measurements, Jonah Falcon, who says he’s slept with porn stars and Oscar winners, is finished proving just how big his schlong is. Take his word for it.

“It’s a real compliment when porn actors and actresses say I’m bigger than all of the partners they’ve had,” Falcon told the TV hosts.

“They view me as the biggest and you have to remember they’ve seen a lot — so they know.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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