Man With CNN Role in Bio Tweets ‘We Need a Hitler’

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Adeel Raja, a blue-check Twitter user, tweeted Sunday that “the world today needs a Hitler” in response to boiling tensions between Israel and Hamas. Before Raja could delete the hateful tweet, screenshots emerged from Raja’s LinkedIn profile, where he lists himself as a “Freelance Contributor at CNN.” A CNN guy, huh?

Raja has 54 bylines at CNN. He most recently published an article on Sept. 16, 2020. This doesn’t appear to be a guy pretending to work for CNN, though CNN spokesman Matt Dornic told the Washington Examiner that he “never heard” of the guy and is “looking into it.”

While CNN looked into it, more Raja tweets were unearthed.




That is a disturbed human.

While most Americans have a semi-informed understanding of Hitler’s past and his vision — I’d encourage readers to read William L. Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich to fully grasp just who Raja is so proud of.

I’m not going to call for Raja’s job, that’s not my place. I also don’t support pulling up old tweets, but he sent one today. This is not someone who recklessly tweeted as a teen then grew up and matured.

Not great, CNN.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. (One of) the reasons that CNN employed him was because he despises Israel.

    America had a good relationship with Israel until 2008. Barry Soetoro’s administration made quite clear they had Palestine’s back. The left looks at Barak as though he is messianic… and switched their disposition towards Israel accordingly. Unsurprisingly, The left wing media switched in lockstep with them

  2. “I’m not going to call for Raja’s job, that’s not my place.”

    Make it your place. Make the enemy (and they are the enemy, since they view US as the enemy) live by their own rules. This assclown should be cancelled and prevented from ever being a “journalist” again.

  3. I’m not going to call for Raja’s job, that’s not my place…seriously, are you a fucking idiot?! Enjoy the moral high ground as you are marched into the shower, Bob.

  4. Obama hates Israel and, most likely Jews in general. Of course there are a lot of self hating Jews in this country. Many are in Hollywood, such as Reiner, Apatow, Stiller, etc. They love the Democrat party who has a number of Jew haters, Talib, AOC, Omar among them. More important for many American Jews is to be far left rather than to be Jewish.

  5. These comments are all so idiotic and so incredibly far from the truth, I am now officially dumber for having read them. You are all awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your moronic souls.

    And Bobby, shame on you for making this your one “Israel/Palestine” post. You going to talk about the dozens and dozens of innocent people, families, and CHILDREN that have been murdered by the Israeli Government over the past few weeks (and hundreds more have been injured, along with the destruction of buildings, homes, and towns), versus the two Israeli’s that have died (and virtually no destruction to Israel due to its receipt of over $4B annually in military funding from the US and it’s “Iron Dome”? How about a little context? This Raja guy is a moron. He should never have posted what he said, and unlike you, I WOULD call for his job. He should be fired. But I’d also call on you to be BETTER at yours. This is gossip garbage meant to incite people on a very serious issues, and you have missed the mark, my friend.

    • You don’t get to talk about ‘moronic’ while declaring that Israel is killing children as if it’s intentional. You know what’s intentional? Hamas hides behind children and civvies so that people like you declare that Israel is targeting civilians in a terror campaign.

  6. Feddy, you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Your inflammatory response is worse than woke Left rhetoric in the time of Trump re-election. There’s no way you could actually believe what you’re saying if you were even slightly educated on this topic. I wouldn’t expect Outkick to ever factually review this topic (though I wish someone would), so I encourage you to review the FACTS w/r/t what is and has been happening just in the past few weeks. And this doesn’t account for the decades/history of illegal occupation, oppression, and compounding genocide that the Israeli Government has enforced over the past 5 decades since the 67′ war. Everything Israel does is intentional. Every air raid, every bomb, every murder, every new city settlement and occupation, every dollar they get from the US, every instigation, and every story that is spun to make Israel look like defenders/victims. There’s no where to hide when 30 floor residential high rises are getting targeted and destroyed. Blaming Hamas here is like blaming a woman for punching her racist. If you are pro-Israel, that’s fine. Disagree with me by making an actual argument, not by being a moron.

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