Man Sues Trump Resort Because Pool Deck Burned His Feet

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How old were you when you learned the sun was hot?

Apparently for Theoharis Lekas, the answer to that question is 52 years old.

The New Jersey man lost a toe and part of his foot after he was seriously burned by a “searing” pool deck at the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

And now he’s suing the resort for negligence.

Man Sues Trump Resort Because Pool Deck Burned His Feet
Trump International Beach Resort

According to papers filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, the resort did nothing to cool down the deck and didn’t have signs recommending people use footwear.

I’m guessing they also didn’t post signs warning people not to drink the pool water, not to stare straight into the sun and not to bang their head repeatedly against the concrete either.

He only realized his feet were burned on the final day of the trip. That’s when he tried to put socks on and noticed his dogs were peeling.

Man Sues Trump Resort Because Pool Deck Burned His Feet
Here’s an example of shoes you can wear to avoid burning your toes off. (Photo Illustration by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

When he returned home from Florida, Lekas had to be rushed to the hospital.

His right foot had developed a “bullet-hole-shaped ulcer,” which continued to grow “wider and deeper, until it reached the bone,” he claimed in court papers.

The appendage then swelled to the size of a football, and one of his toes developed gangrene. Doctors had to amputate part of his foot.

According to Lekas, this vacation “irrevocably and seriously impaired” his entire life.

Lekas’ lawyer said the damages could be “north of $1 million.”

Which is crazy because you can buy a pair of flip-flops for like $10.

Written by Amber Harding

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