Man Saves The Day By Rocking A Knife-Wielding Man At Walmart With A Stanchion

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Walmart continues to bring the crazy. The latest craziness from the retailer involves a knife-wielding man threatening people near the self-checkouts and a hero armed with a stanchion.

A video of the incident, which took place in a South Carolina Walmart, shows a man holding a pocket knife while yelling at customers and employees. A customer can be seen causally walking over to a stanchion located a few feet behind the knife-wielding man.

Man Saves The Day By Rocking A Knife-Wielding Man At Walmart With A Stanchion
Knife-wielding man hit with a stanchion (Image Credit: Twitter)

The customer waits a couple seconds before picking the stanchion up over his head and walking towards the knife-wielding guy. He then smashes the man with the knife in the back. This causes the man to drop the knife and fall to the ground.

The man lays there screaming in pain as other customers jump in to help keep him there. The customers were able to keep the man subdued until the police arrived on the scene.

The customer/hero is veteran Demario Davis – not this Demario Davis. He says the knife-wielding lunatic threatened to start cutting people when the police got there. Being trained for these types of situations thanks to basic training, he jumped into action.

“Me and my son, we were following behind and he was like once the cops get here, I’m going to start cutting people up. So this one guy was like, aye man, you need to come outside and he put the knife in the guy’s face and started swinging it,” he said.

“Once I saw him swinging it, you know I’m a veteran and we’re trained on stuff like that in basic training for situations like that.”

Walmart Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Davis added, “My first instinct was to neutralize the situation so I just casually walked over and waited until I had an opportunity to get him and I got em I guess. I’m a community person, so if I see something in the community that’s not right, with all the violence and things and attacks going on, gun violence you know, you want your people in the community to step up as well.”

“The cops can’t do it all by themselves.”

Just like that a hero was born. If something goes down at a Walmart while you’re there remember the stanchions are a legit weapon.

As for the knife-wielding man, he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. No charges have been filed against him. A stanchion to the back might be punishment enough. He’ll think twice before pulling his pocket knife out at the self-checkout again.

Because it’s the internet the wild scene received the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler treatment. Enjoy.

Written by Sean Joseph

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