Remember The Epic Denzel Washington Movie ‘Man On Fire’? It’s Becoming A Netflix Series

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The classic Denzel Washington film “Man on Fire” is being adapted for a Netflix series.

The 2004 movie followed Washington as a bodyguard with a violent and dark past on the hunt for revenge after a young girl played by Dakota Fanning was kidnapped.

It was an absolutely epic film, and one of the best of Washington’s storied career. Now, the streaming giant will put its own spin on the iconic character without Washington involved, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The upcoming “Netflix series tells the story of John Creasy, a broken ex-mercenary on a mission to avenge the death of his only friend, while protecting his fallen comrade’s daughter from the forces that destroyed her family,” according to the same report.

It’s based on a pair of A.J. Quinnell books about Creasy and will run for eight episodes.

Kyle Killen, who wrote “Fear Street Part One: 1994,” is set to write and produce. That’s a very positive sign because the first “Fear Street” movie was a home run for Netflix. The other two were also amazing.

“Man on Fire” should be a ton of fun.

This is incredible news for fans of the legendary film. Netflix is known for making some solid content, and the story of “Man on Fire” is one people love.

Revenge in entertainment is as American as the Fourth of July. Americans love the idea of outlaw justice. It’s why people are addicted to westerns.

There’s just something about a man who plays by his own rules laying down the law to protect the innocent. In the film, Creasy was a broken man who wanted to kill himself. When the girl was kidnapped, he dipped into his dark history to unleash an unbelievable amount of violence.

Netflix is making a “Man on Fire” series. Denzel Washington previously starred in a film of the same name as the main character. (Photo by Susana Gonzalez/Getty Images)

If the Netflix “Man on Fire” series keeps that same energy and violence, it will be a hit. Fans know Netflix can do dark content.

While it’s a little different, “Ozark” was an incredibly dark show. There was little to no hope in it, and it was unbelievably captivating.

Can “Man on Fire” do the same? Given the fact the story is already there, Netflix has a solid track record and Killen is involved, there are plenty of reasons to be excited. It’s always good to see another awesome entertainment option.

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