Man Caught On Camera Peeing On His Ex-Wife’s Grave

There’s holding a grudge then there’s whatever this guy is doing. It feels like it’s a step or two beyond your run-of-the-mill grudge.

An unidentified man has been making regular visits to his ex-wife’s grave and leaving unsavory “presents” behind. According to the woman’s children, Michael Andrew Murphy and Renee Eichler Barragan, the man has been leaving bags of feces at the grave.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also been making early morning trips to the grave to pee on it. They know this because they setup a camera and caught him in the act.

Image Credit: Michael Andrew Murphy

Linda Torello died in 2017 of cancer. Her children say the man was briefly married to their mother back in the 70s. They divorced in 1974.

Caught In The Act

The siblings decided to setup the camera after they found bags of feces on their mother’s grave on multiple occasions. Torello’s son was nearby when they caught the man on camera.

“I saw his car pull in. I tried to get in my car, but I was afraid I might spook him,” Murphy said. “So I hid behind a shed.”

“I could see him walking up to the grave,” he said. “Believe me, I don’t know how I made it through that. I never had so much rage in my life.”

Murphy said that grudge started when his mother got pregnant with the man’s child. He claims the man didn’t want to take responsibility for the child, but the man’s family sided with his mother.

“His family chose my mother over his [second] wife. He said they were all dead to him,” Murphy said. “That’s probably where the animosity comes in.”

Police have been unable to do much because the man isn’t causing any damage to the grave. Although Murphy says an officer gave the man a public urination ticket after the family complained.

Here I thought holding on to a grudge for a couple of months was something. This guy is scheduling his day around his grudge almost 50 years later.

It takes a special kind of person to do that. By special kind, I mean delusional.

Written by Sean Joseph

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