Man Arrested For Robbing A Convenience Store With A Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ Pistol

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A South Carolina man was arrested earlier this week after allegedly robbing a convenience store with an unusual weapon. The man’s weapon of choice was a pistol from the Nintendo game “Duck Hunt.”

25-year-old David Joseph Dalesandro was arrested following a robbery at a Kwik Stop convenience store in Sharon, South Carolina. He is accused of walking into the store on Tuesday evening with a mask, wig, and hoodie on before demanding money from the register.

Man Arrested For Robbing A Convenience Store With A Nintendo 'Duck Hunt' Pistol
David Joseph Dalesandro’s mugshot (Image Credit: York County Sheriffs Office)

According to the York County Sheriff’s Office, Dalesandro was also carrying the “Duck Hunt” pistol that he spray painted black. It’s safe to assume the cord had also been removed from his “weapon.” A cord might have hindered his entire plan had it remained.

One would think that you wouldn’t go through the trouble of covering up the fact that the pistol was actually a Nintendo controller and forget that detail. Although, it does look as though he forgot to conceal the orange trigger.

Man Arrested For Robbing A Convenience Store With A Nintendo 'Duck Hunt' Pistol
Spray painted “Duck Hunt” pistol allegedly used during robbery (Image Credit: York County Sheriffs Office)

That could have just been a minor oversight on his part. Or maybe he had just run out of spray paint. In any case the bright orange trigger didn’t keep him from allegedly pulling off the crime.

Police say that Dalesandro “showed the clerk the fake gun in the waistband of his pants, and then demanded money from the cash register.”

He walked away with around $300 from the register. Although, he didn’t make it far. Following the robbery the clerk called the police and Dalesandro was found in a nearby parking lot. He still had the “Duck Hunt” pistol still tucked in his pants.

Someone Forgot To Come Up With A Plan For After The Robbery

Dalesandro was arrested by police and booked into the York County Detention Center. He was reportedly being held without bond.

This sounds like a plan that wasn’t fully thought out. That suggests to me that maybe the perpetrator wasn’t expecting his spray painted “Duck Hunt” pistol to be taken seriously.

How else do you explain getting the money from the register and then hanging out in a parking lot nearby?

Dog From Duck Hunt Laughing At Failed Attempt
Dog from the Duck Hunt game laughing at failed attempt (Image Credit: toonash55/YouTube)

Written by Sean Joseph

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