Malika Andrews Ripped For Discussing Brandon Miller Driving A Gun To An Alleged Murder

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Twitter was not happy with Malika Andrews for discussing Brandon Miller’s drama off the court during the NBA Draft.

The former Alabama star went second overall Thursday night to the Charlotte Hornets, and the world is apparently supposed to pretend he never drove a vehicle carrying a gun later allegedly used to murder a single mom.

Former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles and his friend Michael Lynn Davis are facing a murder charge after a shooting left single mother Jamea Jonae Harris dead. Their defense has been to try to claim it was self-defense.

Miller, who has never been accused of any criminal wrongdoing, drove the vehicle carrying the gun to the scene. His attorney has never denied the basketball star knew about the gun or didn’t see a text message from Miles suggesting he was in trouble.

It’s also not known whether or not Miller attempted to seek medical aid for the woman or contacted police in the aftermath of the shooting. Multiple attempts from OutKick to get those answers were unsuccessful or outright blocked.

All of that is fair game for any journalist…unless you’re Malika Andrews during the draft, apparently.

Malika Andrews criticized for talking about Brandon Miller during the NBA Draft. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

Malika Andrews criticized for bringing up Brandon Miller’s off-the-court drama.

Andrews brought up the situation during the draft and noted Miller was described as a “cooperating witness.”

Well, that didn’t sit well with people on Twitter.

She didn’t do anything wrong.

Bringing up the murder of Jamea Jonae Harris is absolutely fair game and relevant. She didn’t accuse Miller of anything.

She simply noted he was brought up in court testimony, and for good reason. He drove the vehicle Miles and his friend allegedly retrieved the weapon from.

Now, that’s not to say Miller handed it off or did anything like that. Police have made it clear multiple times they don’t believe he broke any law and won’t be charged.

However, many people definitely believe he displayed incredibly poor judgement. I broke down the bigotry of low expectations surrounding the situation back in late February. It’s possible to acknowledge someone might not have broken the law while also acknowledging poor judgement was shown.

Malika Andrews is a journalist who works for a news outlet. There’s plenty to crush ESPN over. Her bringing up Brandon Miller’s issue off-the-court is definitely not one of them. It’s not only relevant, it’s the biggest story he’s ever been a part of. It’s not a journalist’s job to cover for athletes, make up excuses or shield them. If you want that, go listen to an echo chamber full of propaganda. Malika Andrews has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

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