Silence Consumes Tuscaloosa As Brandon Miller Questions Linger

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A blanket of silence has completely covered Tuscaloosa, Alabama amid chaos surrounding the basketball team and Brandon Miller.

It was recently revealed Miller drove the vehicle carrying the weapon allegedly used to murder young single mother Jamea Jonae Harris back in January. Former Alabama player Darius Miles and Michael Lynn Davis are both facing capital murder charges. Miller, arguably the most dominant college basketball player in America, is being treated by police as a cooperating witness.

Alabama lets Brandon Miller continue to play. (Credit: Getty Images)

In a statement from his attorney Jim Standridge, it’s claimed Miller never knew the gun was going to be used for illegal activity, didn’t touch it and didn’t hand it over, but doesn’t ever claim Miller was unaware of the gun’s existence in his vehicle. He also never claimed the Alabama star didn’t read a text from Miles about bringing. He simply claimed Miller was already on his way when he got the text.

Those are the facts presented by Miller’s lawyer, and law enforcement has offered pretty much the same. However, there are two interesting questions that remain unanswered:

Did Brandon Miller ever seek immediate help after the shooting or did police initiate contact with him, and what happened to his Twitter?

Nobody is interested in talking about Brandon Miller.

As laid out in my piece about the bigotry of low expectations, authorities don’t believe Miller committed a crime, but that hardly means he didn’t make horrendous decisions.

He could have called the police as soon as Miles allegedly texted him “I need my joint a n****r rl jus got fakin.” Miller could have turned around and gone home. He could have refused to arrive in a vehicle carrying a deadly loaded weapon. There are a lot of things he could have done that he didn’t that could have saved Jamea Jonae Harris’ life.

However, after the shooting started, did Miller then attempt to reach the authorities? Did he call 911? After all, his vehicle was struck by gunfire, and while it’s unknown whether or not Harris had been hit, he knew all hell had broken loose. It would seem like the rational thing to do would be to immediately dial 911 and seek help.

In the statement from his lawyer, it’s stated, “As soon as he was notified that someone had been injured and the police wished to speak with him, he has fully cooperated with law enforcement’s investigation.” However, nothing is mentioned about Miller’s immediate actions once the bullets started flying in January.

Did Miller contact the police? The answer is we don’t know, and anybody who does know won’t tell OutKick.

The authorities are silent.

I reached out to the Tuscaloosa’s District Attorney’s office to find out if anyone could figure out whether Miller ever attempted to seek help or render aid via a 911 call.

District attorney Hays Webb said he couldn’t comment on a “pending” case, and the violent crime unit within the Tuscaloosa Police Department claimed it would no longer be appropriate to discuss Miller now that the case was in court.

When I reached out to his attorney for a statement, I was informed he wasn’t authorized to speak further about the case outside of his initial release.

Nobody in Alabama seems interested in discussing Brandon Miller. (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

In an effort to get to the bottom of Miller’s actions in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, I attempted to get the body camera footage and any interview tapes that might exist. I was told over the phone that likely wasn’t going to happen. Shortly after that, my request was formally denied.

Multiple messages sent to Alabama officials about what Miller did after the shooting also went unanswered.

That means nobody within the criminal justice system, at the University of Alabama or Miller’s own attorney’s will answer an incredibly simple answer: Did Miller ever attempt to seek help AFTER the shooting happened?

Tuscaloosa PD won’t release any body camera footage of Brandon Miller. (Credit: David Hookstead)

What about his Twitter account?

The mystery of Brandon Miller’s Twitter account also remains unsolved. Following the frisking ahead of the Arkansas game, it was noticed that Miller’s Twitter banner was a frisking photo.

OutKick sent several messages to Alabama officials asking if it was going to be changed. There was never a response.

Following the photo being swapped out, OutKick reached out again. This time, we wanted to know if Alabama asked him to change the photo. Again, no answers of any kind.

On Monday, it was noticed Miller’s account had seemingly been deleted. Once again, I reached out to ask what had happened. Complete silence was the only response I received.

Brandon Miller appears to delete his Twitter account. (Credit: Twitter)

Alabama officials aren’t even interested in discussing a Twitter account disappearing. The strategy is clear in Tuscaloosa. Keep your mouth shut, say nothing and hope it all blows over.

It’s understandable why cops and the DA’s office might want to stay silent. They can hide behind the law and have a case to prosecute.

However, there’s no excuse for the silence from the Crimson Tide. The school could announce this very moment what happened to his Twitter and if Miller ever sought help.

Alabama officials silent on Brandon Miller. (Credit: Getty Images)

Did Brandon Miller ever call 911? Did anyone ask him to delete his Twitter? These questions remain unanswered. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that’s likely to change in the near future.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

He also hosts of the podcast American Joyride that is accessible on Outkick where he interviews American heroes and outlines their unique stories. Before joining OutKick, Hookstead worked for the Daily Caller for seven years covering similar topics.

Hookstead is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.


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  1. Keep on’em David. Are any other national sports websites “asking questions” and keeping this investigation going? Certainly Everyone in Tuscaloosa and BamaNation wants it to “just go away”. To hell w/ Truth and Justice we just want to Win Basketball Games … PERIOD.

    At the heart of this is a Clash of Cultures. Big Time College Sports (actually Pro FB/BB too) is a Gladiators vs Spectators dichotomy. The Gladiators are 90% Black … the Spectators 90% White …. Two VERY different worlds. You and I and Clay would react very differently to a phone call at 3 AM to “yo bro, bring me my “strap” … but none of the principals or victim in this mess are from “our world” and we certainly are not familiar with “their world”. …. It is fascinating … and tragic. …………. it likely will not end well.

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