Louisville QB Malik Cunningham Takes Ironic, Not-So-Subtle Shot At Kentucky With Senior Bowl Helmet Sticker

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It is not a secret that Kentucky and Louisville do not get along. Whether it is on the hardwood or on the gridiron, the two in-state rivals get together, there is sure to be fireworks.

That was certainly the case back in November when the Cardinals lost to the Wildcats by 13.

First played on Oct. 12, 1912, the annual ‘Governor’s Cup’ rivalry pits two schools that are separated by 75 miles against one another. It was not played from 1924 to 1994, but has been part of the programs’ regular seasons in each of the last 28 years.

This year, the rivalry also made its way into the All-Star game circuit.

One of the traditions at the Senior Bowl, East/West Shine Bowl and other postseason exhibition games revolves around helmet stickers. Players often trade decals from their helmet amongst each other and cover their lids with the logo from other schools that are represented in the game.

Last week, at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in Los Angeles, Kentucky linebacker Jordan Wright took the opportunity to take a shot at his rival. He never lost a Governor’s Cup in his four years with the Wildcats.

Wright accepted a Cardinals sticker, but put it upside down.

Jordan Wright’s helmet took a shot at Louisville. (Image courtesy: @tra41/Instagram)

Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham responded.

Cunningham also played in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl and responded to Wright’s troll with intentional sticker placement of his own. He lost every single Governor’s Cup in which he played, which likely only increases his hatred toward Kentucky.

Cunningham earned a Senior Bowl invite with his performance in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. On the left side of his helmet on Saturday, where the Cardinals logo would usually be, he put the UK logo upside down.

For Wright to feature his rival’s logo so prominently is rather funny, considering that he is a winner. For Cunningham to do so is still funny, but as a loser, the move makes it seem more like the Cats live rent-free in his head. Pretty ironic considering his record.

Either way, it just goes to show that college football rivalries run deep. They never slow for a second!

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