Male Prankster Dressed As Female Dominates In Girls AAU Game

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A popular social media influencer called Driftyjay posted a clip in which he dressed up as a female basketball player to participate in a girls AAU basketball tournament.

In the video, he puts socks under his shirt to look like he is a female and has breasts and speaks in what he calls his “Jayla” voice:

Watch below:

Based on Driftyjay’s Instagram account, he’s a trickster by trade. So we can’t tell exactly whom he’s tricking or how many players on the court were in on the skit.

But the response thus far shows an interpretation that he snuck into the AAU tournament to show how hyper-tolerant sports are to transgender athletes playing in female athletics.

In such a sensitive culture, we could envision an AAU official allowing a biological male who identifies as a woman to play on the court with the girls.

Some stooges probably patted themselves on the back for creating an “inclusive” tournament at the expense of females.

The put-on nods to both Lia Thomas, a biological male breaking female swimming records, and the movie “Juwanna Mann.” The 2002 film tells the story of a rejected pro-basketball player who resorts to dressing up like a woman to play in the WNBA.

Thomas and other biological men playing in female sports threaten the future of female athletics. One of Thomas’ teammates told OutKick she hopes to have a son instead of a daughter because she fears there will not be a sport for women following the inclusion of trans athletes. 

That is no laughing matter. But this clip is hilarious. It’s the exact type of content “SNL” should produce, but doesn’t have the creativity to do so. 

I never heard of Driftyjay until today. I’m now a fan. 

Here’s the full clip:


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  1. Dude, this video was crazy, he doesn’t even flinch, I was ready for like the undercover boss grand reveal or something and nope he just straight up holds it through the end

    Can’t believe we’re having to fight against the transgender movement but here we go!

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