Kansas City Star Says Patrick Mahomes’ Wig Is Almost as Bad as Blackface

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Wearing Patrick Mahomes’ wig is almost as bad as blackface, at least according to a journalist from the Kansas City Star.

The writer is very bothered that a school teacher, who is white, dressed up as Mahomes, who has a white mother and black father, on Chiefs Spirit Day, calling it “totally unacceptable,” “appalling,” and even “hideous.”

You might ask, aren’t Mahomes’ costumes — which include his headband, wig, and jersey — sold all over? Yes, but according to this writer, that doesn’t matter. It’s still “terrible.”

Here’s why:

“The replica hairpieces were for sale at some grocery stores, and knockoffs are readily available for purchase online.

“But that argument doesn’t hold weight for me. The headband-wig combo was a bad idea from the start. One look at the distasteful photo and it’s easy to see why students at Shawnee Mission East were offended.”

Uhh, it does not hold weight.

As usual, the topic made about race has nothing to do with race. People wear Mahomes’ headband and afro because it’s his signature and he’s a superstar. That’s the reason the distinctive look is sold in local Kansas City grocery stores.

People have also worn costumes of James Harden’s beard and Aaron Rodgers’ mustache, two other fun looks that honor great players. Want to stick with wigs? Too bad no store sold signature blonde puffy wigs over the past four years, sometimes even to go with an orange face mask, black suit and red tie.

I got to say, outrage pieces like these take a special level of creativity.

Does Mahomes feel the same way? Does he think a white person wearing his wig is a sign of racism? We don’t have a direct quote, but pictures, as the Kansas City Star notes, last forever:

Mahomes wig headband

Almost as bad as blackface, the op-ed says…

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. People with common sense (independent & right of center) are simply going to have to:

    1) stand these people down

    2) understand you will be dishonestly smeared as a “rAciSt!”

    Serious. Look at Mark Cuban today with the national anthem. How much longer till the American Flag is viewed in the same way as the confederate flag?

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mahomes was flattered by the attention and not offended at all. You see this so often these days. Liberals telling someone who isn’t offended by something that they should be. The patronizing tone implying they can’t think for themselves.

    I guess this guy never noticed the TV commercial centered around his haircut he stars in.

    • or being President of the United States of America . . . or Speaker of the House . . . or the creator of Facebook . . . or head of Google . . . or owner of Amazon . . . or a United States Senator . . . or Representative . . . or a big city Mayor . . . or . . .

  3. I’m glad there is someone to tell me about these insane takes. I do not click on these articles any longer. I do not think its good to reward the lowest common denominator among us. These people are dumb. The only reason they have a job is clicks and click rewards stupidity. I would say that no one can be this woke or stupid and then……

  4. As a Kansas City resident and even more so, as someone who lives exactly two minutes from Shawnee Mission East, the Kansas City Star is the worst of the worst. Their headlines day in and day out are so delusional and one-sided that I am amazed they have a readership at all. However, this area where Shawnee Mission East is located very heavily leans to the left (think upper middle class who get offended by everything, lots off Karens), so I’m not surprised people are trying to make this a thing.

    • You are absolutely correct!! I’d like to hear from the SME students that were upset and traumatized and then go talked to their parents about a lousy job they did raising kids. If you actually think that is offensive, and caused you to be outraged, you are in for a long life full of therapy.

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