Report: Patrick Mahomes Tweaked Nerve in Neck

It has been hard to look ahead to Championship Sunday this morning without knowing the status of Patrick Mahomes. While much remains unknown, 610 Sports KC/CBS Sports reports that Mahomes tweaked a nerve in his neck:

OutKick’s Dr. Chao tells me via text that “once physical signs of potential concussion are documented, the player is ruled out, but that it is possible to later determine no concussion at all based on medical tests.” Chao notes that, under this scenario, a player still “has to clear the protocol with independent neuro signing off.”

Former football players who now make their livings on TV have all but guaranteed Mahomes will be out there against the Bills. I hope so. We all do. But it’s not up to us, Mahomes or the Chiefs. It could be late into the week before we know for certain whether the star QB will play.

Should Mahomes play Sunday, he will also have to deal with a problematic toe injury. Tony Romo pointed out twice on yesterday’s broadcast that Mahomes’ toe had noticeably altered routine throws. In order for the Chiefs to move past Josh Allen and the Bills, Mahomes must be close to 100%.

Check back to OutKick all week for the latest on Patrick Mahomes’ status.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Speaking from absolutely no experience whatsoever, I’m gonna go on a hunch that nerve thingy probably sucks. I’ll offer, however, the need for a nerve conduction study to the neck to see if he can become a future Frankenstein.

    For Romo however, to comment that his toe is noticeably altering routine throws, I’ll add that often, Mahomes throws are well beyond routine. Dude is a freak.

  2. Well if he does clear…having something wrong with nerves or feet is not a good thing for a QB. But the kid’s got heart so we’ll see how it plays out. Really you can’t go wrong rooting for either QB in this game.

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