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How are we feeling about the U.S. Open? Was it actually a good tournament?

As someone who spent nearly every hour of sunlight outside this weekend mulching 300 beds in our yard and weeding them before dumping the triple blend, it was a huge relief to know there would be golf on TV when I finally came inside to get on the recliner.

I’m all for primetime tournament golf, but I’m not sure we just saw a great tournament.

There I was Friday night on the patio watching golf well after dark and the Los Angeles Country Club was empty. The leaders were finishing up and the place looked like a LIV tourney. Wait, this is supposed to be the U.S. Open? We’re supposed to have fans going nuts as Rickie Fowler closed in on a 36-hole lead.


And how am I supposed to get excited for a tournament where the final three holes are more about not making bogey vs. the chance of making birdie to win the tournament?

Did I hear Azinger or Hicks say that there were just 11 combined birdies on 16-17-18 on Sunday?

Again, I’m not sure I just saw a great tournament.

By the end, when they let the fans gather around the 18th hole, it looked like the USGA Junior Amateur at Inverness a few years back that I attended. Let’s go ahead and get back to packed tournaments where you can actually find parking and there’s some buzz.

Future U.S. Open locations:

Father’s Day

Yes, I spent about five hours mulching. I would have been completely embarrassed if I told my father there was still mulch in the driveway at the end of the weekend. We chatted at 8:30 and he knew the driveway was cleared. There’s a 100% chance I would be filled with shame going into a new work week — with baseball tonight — with more work to go.

So that meant busting ass on Father’s Day.

Now summer can officially start. I’m done with anything involving 10+ hours of manual labor unless it involves swimming back and forth while listening to Yacht Rock.

  1. This was the first year I received significant help from my 10-year-old with the mulch. He busted his ass and earned every minute of his video games today. Bonus: I didn’t even bring it up that I needed help. He jumped right in and the two of us crushed the front yard in record time.
  2. I told my son he’s now employable after his first weekend of mulching and how old people will be lining up to hire him for jobs. Actually, he’s now employable by suburbanites that refuse to get off their asses to mulch. Start a business, kid.
  3. Mrs. Screencaps has baby daylilies that had to be worked around. Talk about a pain in the ass
  4. There’s some sort of thistle that’s hell on earth thistle growing in one bed that requires two pairs of gloves to grab onto. This super thistle is on some insanely long root system that might require me to burn down the entire bed at some point.

Tip, please?

• Chris in Milford, CT writes:

Well Joe, I experienced the new generation firsthand. My daughter graduated high school and had some family, and friends over. Decided to get a bunch of pizzas to make it easy. I ordered 10. Went to pick them up and the credit card machine asked for a tip. Connecticut just raised minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and you want a tip to hand me my receipt.

Get off my lawn.


To be fair, remember, we think the credit card companies have installed these tip-bots as a way to boost their earnings while throwing all the stress on the pizza workers. Here, the Starbucks drive-thru workers hand you a credit card machine that asks for a tip. You can tell the workers are tired AF over the damn thing and they’re just ready to run a card and send you on your way.

Nope, the machine has to ask you for a tip.

There’s a Pulitzer to be won by the writer who investigates the tipping industry. It’s insane.

Which one of you is betting on travel ball?

Now here’s a topic Travel Ball Hardo Chris B. in Houston has never addressed with me. I feel like there’s a dark web of underground gambling within the travel ball community. Someone give me stories from the road.


• Jim M. writes:

 Needed some supplies for the house and when we got there the skies opened up so the wife and I were wandering around looking for deals waiting for the storm to stop and we found an obscure clearance rack outside in the garden center.

Lo and behold, trimmer line for $1.50!!!!  Looks like they are getting rid of generic line and just carrying just the name brands of the trimmers they sell.  Just thought you could give the TNML a heads-up. I don’t know if it’s just my HD or all but it’s worth a look. More than I’ll ever need for my little yard! But, what the hell I’ll give it away to my neighbors. Btw this was in RI. It’s not on the website either. Have a great fathers day.

Fresh stripes on a Saturday

This email from Garrett has me concerned because it was sent in on a Saturday at 2:26 PM EST.

• Garrett writes:

Fresh stripes in Grand Detour IL, home of John Deere Corp, which was founded here in 1837.

Happy Father’s Day.


I really hope Garrett didn’t lay those stripes on Saturday unless he went through back-to-back rainouts Thursday and Friday.

Yes, they’re beautiful. I just hate to see guys using up precious time on weekends and get out of their mowing rotation.

Plan B to watch MY Reds

• Michael J. writes:

Will you even be able to watch Reds games with MLBTV? I don’t completely remember where you live. But if you’re close to Cincinnati the Reds will be blocked out for you. So I’m not sure there’s a point for you to get it.


He’s right, I checked the MLBTV blackout restrictions and it turns out I live in an area where Tigers, Guardians and Reds games are blacked out. Hmm, this could get interesting. I might have to just find some dark web place to watch games.


• Travel Ball Hardo Chris B. in Houston writes:

I’m not an OU fan at all but I like his FJB Edition truck.

And I’ll feed your travel ball hardo moniker for me… this was taken at the Garden Inn in Fort Worth. My son is playing in a TCU tournament this weekend. Last night we played on this unusual field out in the burbs. A parent saw a tarantula behind the other team’s dugout! Said it was giant and hairy.


How far back are you playing your outfielders with this setup?

Philly checking in

• Dave M. writes:

Happy fathers day weekend buddy!! saw this on broad st in Philly. bold.

That’s it. We’re ready to roll. Have you looked at a calendar? We’re already headed towards the final June weekend. Guys, we really have to use our time wisely this week. Summer gets started and June weekends are ending. Let’s keep our head in the game at work this week.

Go give ’em hell whether you’re headed to the job or to the beach.

Take care.


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