Madden Trying To Fix Noticeable Facemask Mistake On The Josh Allen Cover Photo

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EA Sports announced that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen would grace the cover of Madden 24 less than a week ago and NFL fans have already spotted a noticeable mistake with the cover art.

Madden released two different versions of the game these days, a regular edition and a deluxe edition, and it’s the latter cover that fans spotted the error with.

The deluxe edition has a photo of Allen jumping into a crowd of Bills fans. While the cover art itself looks great, Allen’s facemask looks like a complete glitch. Someone on the editing team at EA Sports poorly attempted to photoshop a piece of Allen’s facemask, but unfortunately left half of it in the photo.

As Heavy has discovered, EA Sports has uploaded new photos of Allen’s facemask to both Facebook and in subsequent tweets. The company’s website also shows a corrected facemask, but if you click on the purchase link of the deluxe edition the botched photo still appears.

The game isn’t set to be released until August 14 so EA Sports has plenty of time to get a corrected photo into the hands of consumers who buy a hard copy of the game. In a world where most gamers now just download games digitally, this error isn’t nearly as impactful as it would have been 10 or so years ago.

The error can’t exactly be seen as good mojo for Allen and the Bills, however. The ‘Madden curse’ is a very real thing, unless your name is Patrick Mahomes apparently, as cover stars of the past have been hit with injuries or horrible seasons during the year they grace the cover.

Allen isn’t too worried about that as he said it was “a childhood dream come true” when EA Sports officially announced he would be on the cover of Madden 24.

Written by Mark Harris

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