Macy’s Cancels Santa

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If 2020 didn’t already take things too far, it just did. It came for Santa.

Macy’s canceled their nearly 160-year-old tradition of hosting the big guy —Santa, not Joe Biden — in its midtown Manhattan store. Santa won’t be present at Macy’s in Chicago or San Francisco, either.

Over a quarter of a million people typically pass through Macy’s Santaland during the Christmas season. But social distancing — which may last until 2022 — is sending Santa to Zoom, or Teams, or some other virtual service.

“Moving to a virtual engagement will safely bring the magic of Santa Claus to children of all ages this year,” the AP reports.

Malls that do host Santa will not permit children to sit on his lap. Instead, they will have to tell Claus what they want from six feet away.

The year can have Halloween. As long as football is on, Thanksgiving is fine. But Santa? Come on, man.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Bobby B: “Macy’s canceled their nearly 160-year-old tradition of hosting the big guy — Santa, not Joe Biden”

    NICE, Bobby…funny line!!!
    Thinking we’re gonna see many more comedic references to “the big guy” before all is said and done.

    First they cancel the Thanksgiving Parade…now Santa in the flagship store…DUMB.
    We used to go down to the city every year for decades to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree…walk past Macy*s windows looking at stuff…check out the amazing toys in FAO Schwarz in Rockefeller Plaza…get some dinner with good friends and their kids…a tradition that Comrade DeBlasio/Warren Wilhelm Jr. decided doesn’t fit his image of a totalitarian city. I hope Manhattan is a GHOST TOWN this Christmas to teach the friggin’ looney socialists a lesson.
    If sales tax revenues are down big time that will CRUSH NYC government…fingers crossed.

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