Mackenzie Hughes Somehow Plays The Full First Round Of Travelers Championship While Waiting On Kidney Stone To Pass

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Mackenzie Hughes shot 76 in Thursday’s opening round of the Travelers Championship, and it may be the most-impressive 76 of all time.

Hughes withdrew from the tournament after the first round, but it had nothing to do with the fact that he found himself more than a dozen shots off the lead.

The Canadian jumped on Twitter after it was announced that he had withdrawn from the event and explained the kidney stone journey he currently finds himself on.

Hughes shared that shortly after taking off on a flight from Los Angeles following last week’s U.S. Open, Hughes felt pain in his lower back. The pain got so bad he walked to the front of the chartered plane and laid down for the entire five-hour trek.

McKenzie Hughes played the opening round of the Travelers Championship while dealing with a kidney stone. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The pain reached a level that he began vomiting and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital after landing in Connecticut. He then found out that his body was battling a rather sizable kidney stone.

“After a CT scan it turned out that I had kidney stones which explains the intense pain I was having. I had a 4mm stone which the doctor said I would likely pass so it was just pain meds and rest the last few days as I tried to pass it,” Hughes wrote on Twitter.

“Unfortunately I haven’t passed it yet and I’m still dealing with lots of discomfort.”

In case you’re not keeping up here, Hughes played a full 18 holes of golf in a PGA Tour tournament while waiting to pass a 4mm kidney stone.

I’ve never had to deal with kidney stones, thank God, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that playing golf through that pain and constantly thinking about passing one has to be close to impossible.

The idea that golfers are athletes is now dead.

Written by Mark Harris

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