Mac Jones and Bill Belichick — Love It

Bill Belichick, he did it again. New England drafted Mac Jones Thursday at 15th overall, 12 spots below where the mocks projected. In other words, Belichick and the Patriots got the steal of the night. Of course, they did.

It’s not only that the Pats got a QB at great value, it’s the QB they got. Mac Jones was born to play for Nick Saban and Bill Belichick, he will now have played for both. Jones is disciplined, smart, accurate, efficient, and a winner. He’s a Patriot, a Belichick kind of guy.

Jones’ only knock is athleticism, a QB trait Belichick may know how to offset. Remember this dad bod?

New England was already a winner in the offseason, spending big in free agency bolstering the roster into a playoff contender. Jones is entering a locker room full of talent.

The Pats are also in no rush to start Jones. Cam Newton was brought back this offseason and is still, at least, viable. Though, at the latest, Mac Jones will be the better option come midseason.

Mac Jones will not be the best QB in this draft, that’s Trevor Lawrence. However, of the five selected thus far in the first round, Mac Jones is best positioned for early-career success.

Many of us enjoyed watching New England fade into irrelevance last season after two decades of unprecedented success. We enjoyed it.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Bill only drafts white quarterbacks because he thinks they’re smarter. I’ll take five bucks that’s very similar to what Kellerman and the ESPNWokesters bring up next.

  2. Bobby: “Jones’ only knock is athleticism, a QB trait Belichick may know how to offset. Remember this dad bod?”

    All due respect, Bobby…you don’t need to be jacked to be a QB (Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees, Ryan, Watson, Brady et al)…lemme see, who is jacked…oh yeah, Cam Newton…how’s that workin’ for NE?

    • Agreed. The 2 most important things for a good NFL quarterback are being strong between his ears and having an accurate arm to make all the throws. Your 40 time, vertical, and benchpress do not win NFL football games at the quarterback position and never have.

  3. Mac Jones will be as good or better than any QB drafted last night. Once again the Bears traded up(giving up a bunch of draft capital) to draft the wrong guy when they could have waited and probably get Jones at 20 or given up less to move up a few spots.

  4. LOL a lot of people are going to hope and pray Lance is a bust because if he’s not O’boy look out. But as a Niner fan I love the pick. Keep Jimmy and let the kid sit behind him for as long as possible (which might only be a few games given Jimmy’s history).

    I agree Patriots Jones is a dangerous combo. Darth Hoodie does it again.

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