Luke Fickell Explains Viral ‘Bat-Signal’ Tweets

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Wisconsin football coach Luke Fickell has finally explained his viral “bat-signals” tweets.

Ever since taking over as the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers, Fickell has sent tweets of Camp Randall ahead of commitment announcements.

The tweets have been declared Wisconsin’s version of the “bat-signal,” and whenever he sends one, the text groups and message boards start lighting up.

Now, he’s finally revealed his thinking behind the popular trend.

“What we want to do within our program is let you guys in as much as possible to be honest, and I think about that in a lot of different ways for our fans. But I think about that in a lot of ways for our former players. Those guys to me have obviously built this program and to let them … You’ll see a lot as we continue the social media side of things … For me, I look at it as, hey, I want to let as many fans, as many former players into our program so that they can get a good glimpse at what’s going on,” Fickell recently explained to the press when talking about the now famous bat signals.

Luke Fickell is changing the tone in Madison.

The idea of “bat-signal” tweets isn’t something that ever would have happened during the previous regime. Not at all.

As much as fans like Paul Chryst, he wasn’t worried about tweeting clues and hints about recruits coming. He wasn’t very charismatic at all. In fact, that kind of became his brand.

Fickell is switching things up and playing the social media game. As he noted, it’s not really his idea but it’s definitely working.

Luke Fickell addresses viral “bat-signal” tweets. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

As a Wisconsin man, I’ve lost count of how many text messages I’ve received following a “bat-signal” tweet from Fickell. With the press of the send button, he’s able to send the entire fanbase into a frenzy.

He claims his goal is to get the fans involved, and it’s clearly working. Wisconsin fans can’t get enough of his “bat-signals.” Every single time there’s a new one, Twitter lights up with speculation.

Even before coaching a regular season game, Luke Fickell has already brought a ton of change and attitude to the Badgers. It’s going to be a very fun and exciting 2023 season.

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