Luke Fickell Reveals Outlook On Wisconsin’s Culture, Assures Fans Mass Change Isn’t Coming

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Wisconsin football coach Luke Fickell doesn’t want to rock the boat too much in Madison.

Fickell is now running the show, and after a very disappointing few years, Wisconsin fans are craving a hard reset to get back to the program’s winning ways.

That’s what Luke Fickell has been tasked with doing, but he’s not throwing everything out the window. In fact, he’s simply looking to “enhance” Wisconsin’s historic culture.

Will Wisconsin have a huge 2023 season? (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Luke Fickell hoping to “enhance” what Wisconsin already has.

“Sometimes the biggest mistake you can do is you go into a place thinking you’re just going to completely change the culture. You can enhance and do things the way you want to do them, but I think by nature a lot of places have unique cultures, especially here, that have been kind of bred for a long time,” Fickell explained to The Associated Press.

The Badgers head coach also revealed his pitch to keep the core of the program together after interim head coach Jim Leonhard didn’t get the job.

“I kind of sold it as just because I’m new, just because you don’t know me, trust and believe that the things that brought you here and the things that have kept you here so far are the same things that are going to be what you love when you finish up here,” Fickell further told The AP.

Luke Fickell faces high expectations in Madison. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Fickell has his pieces in place.

The good news for the Wisconsin Badgers is the roster doesn’t really need a ton of help. Fickell went to work in the portal, something he’s been clear he’s hoping doesn’t become the norm, and added some great players.

Most notably, he added former SMU star passer Tanner Mordecai and top-10 QB recruit Nick Evers. The Badgers also added CJ Williams, who should hopefully develop into an elite receiving threat.

The offense was terrible and beyond frustrating with Graham Mertz running the show. He’s now down at Florida, and the reset is underway. As a Wisconsin man, it’s good to see Fickell isn’t completely tearing everything down.

Wisconsin is a state full of proud people, and fans take great pride in Badgers athletics. The program just needs to get back on track, not to tear everything down to the ground.

Luke Fickell is looking to “enhance” Wisconsin’s culture. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Week one is still roughly five and a half months away. Hopefully by then, Luke Fickell has the squad absolutely rolling.

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