LSU Suspends Vaccination And Negative Test Requirements For Fans

Two months ago, LSU announced a vaccine mandate for those attending home football games, citing the Delta variant and the need to keep hospitals from becoming “overburdened.” A negative COVID test within 72 hours of gameday also sufficed under the controversial policy, which has largely been implemented in major Democrat urban centers.

Outkick’s story from August, linked above

The school, however, reversed course today, announcing an end to the policy altogether. LSU fans will no longer need to show any form of COVID protection to enter famed Tiger Stadium—no vaccination or negative test. The new policy goes into effect Oct. 16th against Florida (the Tigers play on the road tomorrow in Lexington against a frisky Kentucky team).

The reversal in course illustrates a willingness to assess data in real time and make decisions that both serve the consumer and acknowledge the realities of COVID. Kudos to the administration for making a common-sense change instead of blindly following the leftist lemmings off the cliffside toward outright COVID panic and fear porn.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. A friend of mine who lives in NOLA area and he and his wife are both LSU grads. They have been season ticket holders for 2 decades. Once the mandate was announced, they let their tickets rest for the year. Since they’ve BOTH had the virus, one of them TWICE, they’ve chosen to not take the jab.

    The ONLY reason LSU is making this change is because the stands have had 20-40,000 empty seats every game. People aren’t buying tickets, $8 hot dogs and especially $15 beer. Revenues are way down.

    • I thought I noticed a LOT of empty seats for the game against Auburn, which was a pretty big game they normally sell out. I don’t think it’s the team sucking as much as alienating a huge chunk of your fan base who doesn’t want to be subjected to the whims of pro-vaccine police.

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