LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne Declares LSU Is Back, Aaron Rodgers Needs His Shaman Girlfriend & 49ers Fan Showers

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How are we all feeling after Week 1?

Let’s start in Ohio where I’m sick to my stomach this morning. MY Bengals choked away what I considered a must-win against the Steelers and I had to watch that ending after the Browns’ victory which will lead to Cleveland fans thinking they have a Super Bowl contender.

It’s an absolutely vile way for the Super Bowl runner-ups, but it’s not the only vile performance of the week. In Minneapolis, Aaron Rodgers looked like he was in a hostage situation. I need that Blu of Earth chick to get into his head pronto. Meanwhile, she’s in Europe doing some sort of self-help tour while Rodgers is busy sulking over his wide receivers and offensive line.

Get your shaman ass back to Green Bay ASAP. Aaron needs the bad juju flushed fro his system. Instagram Story

Then you have the Cowboys who have a broken-down Chevy Beretta as their quarterback and he’s now out 6-8 weeks. Dak signed a four-year, $160 million contract in 2021. Good luck to Cowboys fans.

And then you have the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray’s new contract. How are you feeling Cards’ fans? You might not feel any better after listening to Last Chance U. coach Jason Brown breaking down film from Sunday’s Chiefs victory that saw KC up 37-7 in the third quarter.

Take it away, Coach Brown.

Other highlights/lowlights off the top of my head from Week 1

• I’ll give the Lions this — at least they’re entertaining at home. After that performance and the lack of quit, I might not have any choice but to get up there for a game to feel the energy. Nov. 6 against the Packers seems like a good spot. Detroit should have a couple of wins by then and the season won’t be a complete loss at that point.

• Are we living in 2022 or 2012? Smart TVs shouldn’t have trouble connecting. I watched the early games at @chris_burns65 house and his Hulu was dropping. Then I get home and my AT&T UVerse — yes, it’s on the way out — was a mess. Anyone else have problems?

• Smoked wings with a basic rub are still undefeated during NFL games this time of year. Hopefully you didn’t fall victim to eating chili so early in the season.

• Remember, The Gauntlet is about WINS. Tough luck if you have the Colts or Texans.

• Congratulations to Toledo football legend Matt Eberflus who got his first NFL win as head coach of the Bears.

• Toughest schedules remaining: Browns (.656) and Bengals (.625); the easiest schedule remaining belongs to the Rams (.308). Yes, it’s too way early for strength of schedule talk, but many of you are already thinking playoffs.

• Confirmed: That’s a great photo.

• Jackson Mahomes was awfully quiet in Glendale where his brother was having an MVP performance (see below). Because I’m paid to do it, I checked Jackson’s TikTok and he didn’t even bother producing a field-level dance video. That’s big news around these parts.

• Kevin ‘Taters’ O.B. writes:

Tough loss for your beloved Bengals. I’m sure they will right the ship and make another run this year. I wanted to share a quick personal connection from the game. One of my former squadrons, VMFA(AW)-224, also known as the Bengals, did the pregame flyover with the F/A-18’s. Even better, one of my old squadron mates and friend, callsign T-Rets, just took over as their Commanding Officer last month. He is the one in the middle in the picture below.

It was awesome to see video of the jets and photos of the Marines with the Bengal cheerleaders across social media, and the fact that they were able to do it as part of the 9/11 tribute makes it all the more special. Hopefully it added a little extra to the excitement within the stadium. If you got the unit stickers I sent back in June, one of them was a VMFA(AW)-224 Bengals sticker.

Not sure if they ever made it since I left my old unit and switched emails. Hopefully you did and now you can share a small connection to T-Rets and all the outstanding Marines, past and present, of VMFA(AW)-224! 

NFL opponent food menu ideas

• Bills fan Guy G. in western New York takes this stuff seriously. He’s back with a full 2022 season menu:

To counter Mark in VA, there is a very good reason for LA tacos and Miami fish. This is year 3 of our football food journey. I have been trying hard not repeat too many things, but LA food is…meh. Of course, I will be there again at the end of the month, and maybe they’ll change my mind. In 2020, Buffalo played both LA teams, and fish tacos were featured vs the Rams. Same reasoning goes for not making Nashville chicken next week, as we did it last year. KC is getting difficult to not repeat after we’ve seen them so much lately. 

As requested, here is the full season menu;
@Rams                 Fire Roasted Tacos
vsTen                    Meat +3! Country fried steak/potatoes/corn/mac&cheese/biscuits

@Miami               Sesame seared tuna with rice/ginger/wasabi
@Bal                      Crab cake with garlic biscuits/aioli fries
vsPit                      Pittsburgh Steak salad
@KC                      Smoked KC strip steak-coffee/pepper rub
vsGB                      Fried cheese stick/curd & soft pretzel with beer cheese
@NY                      Bagel board-cream cheese/capers/salmon/prosciutto
vsMIN                   Stuffed Jucy Lucy
vsCLE                     The Polish Boy- Polish sausage on bun, covered with fries and bbq sauce
@DET                    Thanksgiving dinner w/Detroit pork sausage sourdough stuffing
@NE                      Mini garbage can clambake-clam/corn/sausage
vsNYJ                    BUFFALO pizza & wings
vsMIA                   Beef on Weck & wings
@CHI                     Deep dish pizza soup
@CIN                    Skyline chili
vsNE                      BUFFALO pizza & wings

Playing at Chicago Christmas Eve, when the family will be at our house, where we traditionally make soup. It will carry on for game day.
Except for the bagels, everything will be done outside, on one of the grills or smokers.
While Mrs. G watches way more football than she used to, special food Sunday’s makes her happy, and it’s usually something new or rare. Plus, who doesn’t love firing up the grills first thing Sunday morning?!   

• Michael J. writes:

I fully agree with Jason E. No state does Pork Tenderloin sandwiches like Indiana does. I’ve eaten some that were a foot in diameter. So delicious.

Wait, is that plate legal?

• Kevin in Gibsonia, PA writes:

Spotted this weekend in Tonawanda, NY. Look closely. Gotta love it. 

The Art of the Garage Fridge

• I mentioned this project in Saturday’s Screencaps and you guys are coming through. Remember, this project is more than just showing me your garage fridge. I’m looking for self-reflection on what the garage fridge means to you and the art of the fridge. Walk me through your garage fridge psychology. What’s allowed in? What’s banned?

Feel free to get deep with these emails.

I know we’ve done garage fridge emails in the past, but we’ve never delved into the philosophy behind the fridge and what makes it tick.


• Duncan N. writes:

Nothing beats a beer fridge!  This little guy was in my wife’s dorm room when we first started dating. So it’s 20+ years old. Outside is a work in progress, but the inside has kept 1000s of beers cold over the years. I usually start with something more flavorful, like the Grolsch, Stella, or capital city. Then follow those up with some Miller Lites. The light sky is for the wife, and the coors stubbies are for when we watch Cobra Kai. Love that show!

And with that, let’s get rolling. This post is massive and it’s going to be a huge time suck at your day job, so dig in.

Have a great week and don’t forget Russell Wilson is going back to Seattle and there’s bad blood with this one no matter what Wilson says. Geno Smith gets the start for Seattle. Yes, Geno Smith.


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Olivia Dunne at LSU game

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