LSU Defensive Lineman Neil Farrell Opts Back Into Season

The Athletic’s Brody Miller is reporting LSU defensive lineman Neil Farrell is back at LSU facilities today and plans on returning this season. Farrell opted out back in August due to his grandmother contracting COVID, but that situation has since been remedied.

LSU gets a back a 6′ 4″, 319 pound dependable senior that will sure up the interior defense. Twitter has already begun getting on Farrell for “changing his mind”, but one line in an interview with The Athletic says otherwise.

“I’m focusing on my family right now.”

A kid clearly waiting for more information on the recovery of his grandmother. Now that she is headed towards recovery, Neil Farrell heads back to the field.

Show the man some love!

Now that Farrell kept his word to LSU football, show the man some love for getting back on the field to continue a great career. After all, he’s about to make our Saturdays much more entertaining.

Welcome back, Neil!


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