Female Lowes Employee Punched In The Face While Attempting To Stop Robbery, Company Responds By Firing Her

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Donna Hansbrough, a longtime employee of Lowes, was reportedly fired for trying to stop a robbery at a Georgia store. The 68-year-old was repeatedly punched in the face after stepping into the situation. The company rewarded her bravery by firing her.

According to the Rincon Police Department, Hansbrough was fired for violating the company’s policy on stopping theft of merchandise, which in this case totaled approximately $2,100.

Police identified the three suspects as Takyah Berry, Jarmar Lawton and Joseph Berry, with Takyah being the one who allegedly punched Hansbrough in the face three times.

“Hansbrough attempted to stop one of the subjects by grabbing the shopping cart. Hansbrough did not at any time make contact with any person. The cart that Donna grabbed was in the possession of subject Takyah Berry. After Donna grabbed the cart, Berry struck Donna in the face three times causing Donna’s right eye to swell and blacken,” a post from the police department read. 

Lowes fired an employee who attempted to stop an active robbery in Georgia. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Hansbrough understood that she had broken the company’s policy, but didn’t expect to be fired. After working for Lowes for 13 years she described it as the “perfect job.”

“I love my job. Loved. I enjoyed working with the people I worked with. I enjoyed helping the customers. I enjoyed everything about it. It was my… You know how you have your perfect job? That one was mine,” Hansbrough said

Hansbrough is far from the only employee of major U.S. corporations to lose their job for attempting to stop robberies.

Earlier this month, an employee from a major grocery store chain was fired for simply filming thieves stealing thousands of dollars worth of laundry detergent. In May, Lululmeon fired two employees in Georgia for confronting masked robbers.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. I’m just making an assumption here, but by looking at the names of the thieves, they’re most likely black. Let’s cut through the bullshit…….if the thieves and the dude who punched her were White, she’d be given a raise and the propaganda media would be praising her as a hero and the dudes would behind bars for 20 years.

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