HBO’s Upcoming True Crime Thriller ‘Love & Death’ Looks Chilling

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HBO might have another monster hit on its hands with “Love & Death” starring Elizabeth Olsen.

The iconic network is known for giving fans outstanding content, and that’s been on display since August 2022 when “House of the Dragon” premiered through right now with “The Last of Us.”

Well, it appears HBO will have another hit with the seven-part series “Love & Death.”

Elizabeth Olsen stars in “Love & Death” on HBO. (Credit: HBO)

The series stars Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery, and will tell the true story of the investigation into a brutal axe killing in the 1980s down in Texas.

The trailer for the series will send a chill down your spine. It definitely looks like a must-watch.

Elizabeth Olsen will crush it in “Love & Death.”

Now, it’s very hard to discuss the case of Candy Montgomery without getting into spoilers. For those of you who don’t want to wait for the April 27 premiere, you can Google her name. It’s insanely grisly. We’re talking about the kind of graphic material no warning could ever prepare you for.

It’s simply a legendary case and the outcome is unreal. That’s as much as I’ll say about the story “Love & Death” is based on.

“Love & Death” with Elizabeth Olsen looks outstanding. (Credit: HBO)

What I will say is Elizabeth Olsen is an absolute stud when it comes to serious roles. She’s among the best in the game right now.

Ever since “Wind River,” she’s been among the best actresses out there. If you haven’t seen her in the Taylor Sheridan movie with Jeremy Renner, stop what you’re doing today and watch it. It’s one of the best movies of the past decade.

“Love & Death” drops April 27 on HBO, and it will definitely be added to our coverage here at OutKick. In the meantime, Hulu released a different series based on the same case titled “Candy” with Jessica Biel. It’s definitely worth checking out. Just don’t watch it prior to “Love & Death” if you don’t want it spoiled for obvious reasons.

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