Louisiana Escapes Wild Ending for Narrow Win Against App State

Full disclosure, I might have a tough time relaying what I just watched.

In one of the wildest college football games of 2020, No. 25 Louisiana narrowly escaped with a win against App State on Friday night. The Ragin’ Cajuns were up 24-10 entering the fourth quarter, but the final score looked a lot different.

It was cold, and it was raining. That’s a good place to start, but we have only just begun.

Redshirt junior long snapper Paul Boudreaux missed his target on three separate occasions. The result? Chaos, to put it mildly. One was a snap over the punter’s head that resulted in a scoop and score from App State — or so we thought.

Instead, the referees called a personal foul that put the ball on the 35-yard line. That normally would have been fine, but the refs didn’t specify the “who” or “how” on the penalty, which left people infuriated on social media.

I wish I could say that is where the weirdness ended, but I would be lying. There was another bad snap on a field goal attempt, but the worst came on the THIRD missed snap of the game.

Yet again, it was high over the punter’s head. But this time, the Mountaineers were gifted two points on a safety. It was late in the fourth quarter and cut the lead from seven to five points (24-19) — this is going to matter later, I promise.

Rough night for the long snapper, but Louisiana head coach Billy Napier decided to take some of the heat off his guy by making a ridiculously bad coaching decision.

After failing to get a first down to ice the game, the Ragin’ Cajuns decided to avoid another snapping debacle and left the offense on the field. Despite field position, it made sense given the special teams issues — or it did until we saw the plan.

Quarterback Levi Lewis took the fourth-down snap and ran back 35 yards before taking a safety. This was with a minute and 46 seconds left in the game and cut Louisiana’s lead to only three points. A major head-scratcher …

If you haven’t figured it out by this point, this game is now officially off the rails. Napier and company elected to cut down its lead to only a field goal while handing the ball back to App State with enough time to drive down the field.

And guess what? That is exactly what the Mountaineers did.

After a nine-play, 42-yard drive, App State was in a position to tie the game up at 24. Louisiana had blown it, and deserved a crushing defeat in overtime. The Mountaineers had other plans, however. Well, maybe it wasn’t planned, but it happened.

They missed the game-tying field goal, giving the Ragin’ Cajuns their first victory over App State in school history. Final score: Louisiana 24, App State 21.

I don’t even smoke, but I’m going to need a cigarette after that rollercoaster. Let’s all sleep on it and try again on Saturday — since there will be plenty more games capable of stressing us out.

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Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and TideSports.com.

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