Lori Lightfoot Sued For Refusing to Talk to White Reporter

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Radical, unreasonable Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot proudly announced last week that she will now refuse to speak to white reporters. That’s how you fight perceived racism in 2021: you become racist. Lightfoot isn’t joking either, white people. Don’t you dare expect an answer while rocking that skin color.

Judicial Watch isn’t playing it. They announced Monday that they have filed a lawsuit against Lightfoot on behalf of The Daily Caller and reporter Thomas Catenacci.

The lawsuit alleges Lightfoot “purposefully discriminated” against Catenacci because of his race after he sent Lightfoot emails on May 20, May 21, and May 24, requesting interviews about her administration’s efforts to vaccinate Chicagoans.

“Preventing journalists from doing our jobs in such a blatantly discriminatory way is wrong and does a disservice to our readers who come from all backgrounds,” Catenacci said in a statement. “Every journalist and every person who consumes the news should be concerned by Mayor Lightfoot’s actions. This affects everyone. I look forward to holding the mayor accountable.”

I never call for or enjoy lawsuits, but it’s hard to say Lightfoot isn’t discriminating. Oh, and acting grossly racist. Were this reversed, I’m pretty sure the reporter would win the case purely due to the threat of BLM riots.

Oddly enough, Lightfoot was interviewed last week by Stephanie Ruhle, a white MSNBC anchor. So perhaps if you are far-left and angry enough, you may still be able to speak to Lightfoot, even if you do have white skin? True or not, it would be good for the country to know the full set of rules.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Now under normal circumstances I’d say that the lawsuit is petty and maybe even grandstanding but these are different times. While we used to be above these tactics now is the time to stoop down to their level and give them the equality they constantly cry about. Until we are willing to play the game on their terms every second of everyday they will continue to have the upper hand. The time for being above it all is over. It’s time we play by their rules and destroy them.

  2. Only a city in full decline would elect a mayor like Lori Lightfoot (albeit her Democratic primary competitor wasn’t much better). In 1974, Detroit elected Coleman Young, who played race politics often, then held onto the job like a pope. We all know what happened to Detroit’s decline…it went into overdrive. Interestingly, Young might be TOO moderate for Democrats today, as he called for citizens to arm themselves. The same could be said for a city that would elect a Bill DeBlasio. I would mention Biden & the USA, but anyone who doesn’t ignore the facts and statistical probabilities knows he won via fraudulent ballots.

  3. I never call for or enjoy lawsuits, but it’s hard to say Lightfoot isn’t discriminating……man, you are soft, Bob, always with the “remember I am a reasonable man” sentiment. Soft Bob, wear your new nickname with pride.

  4. Lawsuits like this bring the blatant racism being peddled as “anti-racism” to the forefront. As is happening with Critical Race Theory, the more that people learn what is actually going on, more people will push back.

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