Mayor Lori Lightfoot Isn’t Dropping Her Mask, Doesn’t Want You To Either

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If you thought Chuck Todd was bothered on Meet the Press Sunday by the CDC allowing vaccinated Americans to drop their masks, wait until you see Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Speaking to MSNBC, on which Todd hosts a show, Lightfoot made it known her mask is not coming off, she’s not convinced it’s safe, and she’s encouraging others to stay masked up like she is until further notice.

What type of clarification is she looking for? She didn’t say, but apparently, the type she and the country have received so far will not suffice.

“We’ve gotta make sure that people are continuing to follow the public health guidance,” she goes on.

Well, actually, you are telling them not to. The vaccinated, that is. 

At least one person is smiling at Lightfoot’s announcement: MSNBC’s own Rachel Maddow, who is going through a bit of struggle as she “rewires” herself. Maddow said it’s going to take time and rewiring not to view unmasked Americans as “COVID deniers,” “selfish,” and “threats.”

(It seems like 70% of the crazy is said on MSNBC, no?)

It’s true. Masks mean to the Left what the MAGA hats once meant to the Right.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. This is just more proof that it was never about public safety or following the science. It was always about control and Mayor Beetlejuice is desperate to hang on to that control. It’s Chicago so she’ll have no problem brainwashing the sheep who keep voting for Democrats that are destroying the city.

    • You are correct Steve. The idiot voters in Chicago will keep voting for Lightfoot or another Black politician who will be as corrupt as ever. The Whites who live in Chicago love minority politicians because they don’t have to worry about losing their financial hold on the city. And there are decent Latino politicians but they are powerless even though they are a large percentage of the population. It’s sad to see a once-great city become a s$$thole.

  2. Bobby while in some jaded way I believe “the mask” is a symbol of the wimps on the left and the panic that overcomes them when confronted with their own shadows as well as strong & confident Americans, there’s no relation to America First principled folks who supported 45 and the MAGA movement. We all had a blast supporting our POTUS. The left are a miserable lot who no longer have any idea on how to have a good time.

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