LOOK: Dan Le Batard’s Twitter Rips Vandy Female Kicker, Then Deletes Tweet

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Sarah Fuller made history on Saturday when she became the first woman to participate in a Power Five college football game. Many had hoped her first play would have more meaning, but the Vanderbilt offense wasn’t willing to help in the first half.

Fuller finally got her moment on the opening kickoff of the second half, but it was unfortunately a dud. Kicking a field goal or extra point doesn’t really compare to kicking off. It is a much tougher ask, so the unintentional squib kick didn’t look great — but it was understandable.

The Twitter reactions were all over the place, but the account for Dan Le Batard really made a statement. The tweet read “equality means I can say this kick was terrible” before quickly being deleted.


Deleting doesn’t erase, unfortunately. Good luck with those Twitter trolls, Dan.

Fortunately for Vanderbilt, the historical moment from Fuller will overshadow the fact that they got trounced by Missouri 41-0. That puts the team’s record at 0-8 this season.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Lol…doesn’t Le Batard know who puts butter on his bread? He works for the Emasculation Sports Network. Wonder if Spain, Kimes, or Nolan will come on the show and rip him a new one after he does a faux apology for somehone hacking his account.

  2. LeBatard has been pushing the buttons of ESPN Execs for quite awhile, especially after their recent firings took a few of his crew. I think he’s poking the bear in hopes of getting out of his contract.

  3. i’ll say it then, TERRIBLE.
    all of it is terrible.
    feminism is terrible.
    and now its infected 2020.

    we seem to be asking an awful lot of women, thanks to feminsm and its cousin ‘divorce.

    men are dolts. women are not.

    men live shorter lives and cannot give birth (yet).
    women live longer and can give birth.

    in 2020 men are the same, but women can also kick a football in a men’s college football game and not fear that Lawrence Taylor is gonna hit them on the field.

    i suppose serena williams will be on the men’s tennis tour soon? or her daughter?

    i didn’t know that men’s sports were oppressive to women. i’m in shock.

  4. JuJu Gotti runs their Twitter account now, it was his tweet. Seems like either Dan or Mike got to him pretty quickly and had it taken down.

    Should’ve left it up, funny tweet. Awful kick. Where’s the problem?

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