Sarah Fuller Makes College Football History On Vanderbilt Kickoff

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You have probably already heard of new Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller. The goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team has been a major talking point since joining the football team earlier this week.

Now, she has officially made history.

Against the Missouri Tigers on Saturday, Fuller came out to make the opening kickoff to start the second half. Why didn’t she attempt a field goal? Well, Vanderbilt had six scoreless possessions with five punts and one turnover-on-downs in the first half.

But that is beside the point.

The kickoff wasn’t exactly traditional either. It was more of a squib kick (understandable) that landed the Tigers on the 35-yard line. But it was a first nonetheless. Check out the tweet from the SEC Network:

So, what is the historical significance of this? Well if you haven’t heard, Fuller has now become the first woman to participate in a college football game for a Power Five program.

What makes this even more impressive?

She was helping the Commodores win a SEC championship in soccer a week ago. We talk about multi-sport athletes all the time, and making the switch from soccer to place-kicking in football certainly qualifies.

Good for her.

Vanderbilt ended up getting beat 41-0 in the game to fall to 0-8 on the season, but the Fuller storyline will be the main takeaway and talking point.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Gonna talk about a nothing burger for weeks. How bad is your program when it comes to a publicity stunt to make news. Wow i want to go there, they let girls play. Now since Vanderbilt doesn’t have a men’s soccer team can a male attempt a penalty kick

    • Most NFL kickers are not huge in size, but they have strong legs and are more muscular than women’s legs. Will this become the norm? Probably not. Also, are they gonna allow her to tackle men during kickoffs? Again, probably not.

  2. i’m sure this is a significant moment for her and her family, but this could be the most irrelevant ‘moment’ in football history too.

    are women oppressed now? from playing on men’s teams? wtf significance is this to improving anything for anyone. men and women are different, but somehow men have oppressed women from Men’s sports? or are we all gonna play coed now?

    i’m a darn good athlete. and i played a lot of club soccer in my late 20’s early 30’s. when i played against a legit college level female soccer player, her skills smoked me. happened many times. i also held up on my physical play. her skills were better, but she wasn’t a better player overall. and i assisted. its almost unconscious. i was not going to be too physical with a girl, so her superb skills became super human.

    is that what sports are gonna be? from here on?

    Good For Sarah and her family. cherish it.

    some day ask yourselves, Why this was done? why is it a story?

  3. I hope this squib kick was intentional. If not, what an embarrassment. If so, why let her make a weak kick that can be criticized? If all her supporters wanted to really make history, she should have been coached to kick it down the field into the end zone to show she can do it just as well as a man.

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