‘LOL USC’ Trending As Trojans Blow Cotton Bowl Against Tulane

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If you’re looking for an absolute masterclass on how to blow a 15-point lead in four minutes, look no further than the USC Trojans. No. 10 USC fell to No. 16 Tulane, which overcame multiple double-digit deficits to storm back and win Monday’s Cotton Bowl in the final seconds.

Trailing 45-30 with four and a half minutes remaining, Green Wave QB Michael Pratt led the offense down the field in 23 seconds to score a touchdown, cutting the lead to eight points. After a miscue on the ensuing kickoff, Tulane’s defense stuffed USC in its own end zone for a safety.

The Green Wave offense then put together a game-winning drive that included multiple third and fourth-down conversions before delivering the final dagger with just eight seconds remaining. Tulane defeated USC 46-45.

A 12-2 record with a Cotton Bowl win. Quite an impressive turnaround for a Tulane team that finished last season 2-10.

Twitter was not kind to USC following the loss to Tulane in the Cotton Bowl

Just after the game concluded, “LOL USC” was trending on Twitter. As was “USC Defense.”

This meltdown loss comes exactly one month after the Trojans fell to Utah in the Pac-12 Championship. After the game, USC QB and 2022 Heisman Winner Caleb Williams was criticized for writing “F*ck Utah” on his fingernails.

Head coach Lincoln Riley of the USC Trojans looks on late in the game against the Tulane Green Wave in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.
Head coach Lincoln Riley of the USC Trojans looks on late in the game against the Tulane Green Wave in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Just an all-around terrible ending for the University of Spoiled Children.

Written by Amber Harding

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  1. One of worst losses we’ve endured in a while no doubt, but hey Amber, I won’t tell you what you can do with your last comment. I pay to be a VIP on this site, but if you and writers like you say things like this it will be my last time paying anything to Outkick. Nobody likes their school being insulted.

    • Breathe Craig, it will be ok. Amber was having what we used to call here in the USA, a good ole time. Due to the heightened sensitivity of many, it’s hard to do these days. If you take everything literal…and don’t have the sensibilities to laugh at yourself, then you don’t get to laugh at others. And if so, then you probably don’t belong on this site in the first place. I hardly think Amber believes everything that goes to USC is a spoiled child. But you being so sensitive here might begin to change her mind 😂

  2. Funny how most of the more annoying fanbases in college football (save for Alabama) lost their respective bowl games.

    Oklahoma: loses to Florida State
    Texas: loses to Washington
    Michigan: loses to *checks notes* TCU
    Ohio State: loses to Georgia

    The University of Spoiled Children (right up there with N-I-L A&M as the best shade I’ve seen from an Outkick writer) and “Lose-a-Lot” Linc blowing a double-digit lead to a Group of Five school in the final five minutes of regulation caps off a wonderful bowl season (State Penn v Utah snooze-fest at the Rose Bowl notwithstanding).

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