Little League Kid Blurts Out ‘Put The Knife In Their Throat’ During Coach’s Sappy Speech

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It’s Little League World Series mic’d up coach speech season where dads make sure they go out to the mound to give ESPN/ABC those viral video clips that can then be pumped through Disney’s social media machine.

Over the weekend, the coach from Nebraska senses his time to shine and makes the walk to the mound up 6-0 on South Dakota with two outs in the Midwest Regional Final. The winner goes to Williamsport. Coach, who has clearly been watching YouTube videos on previous great LLWS head coaches, goes out there with ESPN nerds rubbing their hands together just waiting for that soundbite they need.


And then one of the Nebraska infielders drops an all-time line: “Put the knife in their throat.”

ESPN, clearly thinking they wouldn’t get an act of violence soundbite, missed the dump button and LLWS kid’s quote went out for the world to hear. It was perfect. This is pure art.

Nebraska eventually got the final out after replacing the left fielder who couldn’t even throw the ball and Coach Sappy with his “I just wanted to tell you I love you speech” will now go on to Williamsport where you can be sure Sappy will try to top the 2014 speech given by Cumberland (RI) head coach Dave Belisle who gave what is considered to be the greatest LLWS coach speech – ever.

Sappy has his work cut out for him if he’s going to top this piece of art:


Written by Joe Kinsey

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