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Lisa Boothe, Fox News contributor and podcast host on Gingrich360, spoke with OutKick about launching a podcast, her fears, the state of the country, and where she plans to take her career next.

Bobby Burack: You started a podcast, The Truth with Lisa Boothe, “because of the country’s direction.” What do you mean by that?

Lisa Boothe: I think we live in this really disturbing environment where there is this collective desire and collective force to try to shut down dissenting opinions and shut down conversations in the country. But inevitably, the people who are trying to shut down those conversations ended up being wrong on so much.

All the forces of power in the country — whether it’s corporations, media, Democrats who control the government, Hollywood, or Big Tech — are pushing the same narrative, one that has been proven incorrect. They have the ability to control flow of information, control what we’re able to really see.

They lied about Hunter Biden’s emails, which had an impact on the election. They lied about the origins of the coronavirus, which gave China time to cover up any incriminating evidence from the Wuhan lab. They continue to lie about police shootings in America, which has led to one of the deadliest years on record for murders in 2020. This is because of false narratives about police shootings. What they say is not happening.

Look at the numbers in 2020, data wise, about the shootings: 5.3% of the shootings in 2020 were unarmed, 24 were white, 18 were black. That doesn’t even include people trying to reach for a gun or physically threatening a police officer. The numbers just don’t hold water, yet we continue to be held on hold by these demonstrable lies. It’s insanity to keep believing them.

With the podcast, I can have these discussions with really smart people.

I just felt very disturbed that conversations were shut out from society, yet people in charge continue to be wrong.

With the show, we can challenge the status quo with people who are unafraid. I wanted to have my own space to ask these questions, get to the truth, and get to the heart of the matter. Hence the name “The Truth with Lisa Boothe.”

Burack: The people who say “inclusion” are, in reality, pushing for the exclusion of the groups they deem privileged. “Equity” is the opposite of “equality.” Do these terms we hear mean the opposite of what we are told?

Boothe: Well, think about this: how dismissive is it to say that somehow minorities cannot figure out how to obtain an ID? Just the essence of that is a racist statement. That’s a racist belief to be held. It’s belittling and condescending towards minorities, but these are the views that Democrats hold. The Left holds this premise that somehow minority kids can’t figure out how to do math. That’s dismissive, that’s condescending, that’s racist.

Everything is the opposite, like you say. What is up is down, down is up. Nothing makes sense anymore. We live in this bizarro world where the people in control continue to lie to us. They continue to be incorrect.

But yes, they hold the power to try to shut down and dismiss. They decide who is a conspiracy theorist. They decide if you can remain on social media. It’s terrifying. I think it really should disturb everyone in the country about where we are right now.

Nothing makes any sense anymore. The question is: why doesn’t it?

What we are seeing from the Left is straight-up Marxism. Racial division in the place of economic division, and it’s everywhere — schools, government, corporations, military. Teaching, in some instances, that 1619 is the founding of our nation versus 1776 so therefore we are an inherently evil country. The desire to destroy and dismantle the nation from within from the Left.

Burack: Why do tragedies always end up benefiting Democrats? COVID and George Floyd’s death were notably used for political gain.

Look at the reactions and subsequent changes across the country.

Boothe: Of course. These people are power-hungry. That’s ultimately what it’s about, Bobby. It doesn’t matter if we’re suppressing information that’s critical to the country, like the origin of the coronavirus or Hunter Biden’s emails. The truth doesn’t matter to these people. It’s about pushing false narratives to be able to extract more power from the situation. It happens every time.

Instead of healthy distrust, we are told to blindly trust people that have continued to lie to us. Uh, why is that? It’s tyranny.

Look at someone like Dr. Fauci. We are supposed to still believe this guy? We are supposed to blindly trust the government? It’s ridiculous.

There’s not enough questioning, Bobby. Even some of the lockdowns were based on data that was a farce. We knew that back in May of 2020.

They were finding that 66% of new hospitalizations were people who were staying at home, yet we continued to force people to be at home.

We had antibody tests conducted in places like New York and Miami Dade County and from Stanford scientists that said we were missing infection by rates something like 10 to 65 fold. That would then mean that the fatality rate was significantly less than we originally thought. Basically, we had all this information, all this evidence pointing to the fact that we were overhyping the coronavirus.

This fear of asking questions has us looking more like Russia or China. Not a free America where we allow for dissent, we allow for varying opinions. Instead, we are engaged in this collective groupthink.

It’s about control. To take power and control away from us.

Burack: What you just said is that those in power view questions as a threat.

Boothe: Yes, and that’s really dangerous. I think we should question everything. Even when I was a kid, I always asked “why?” when my parents said to do something. I would say, “Okay, but why?” Same with my teachers. I was always challenging authority.

You need a healthy distrust from the people in charge. We’re supposed to be in control of the government, not the other way around. Those tables have turned. It does feel like authoritarianism. 

What’s happening in schools across America, where parents are raising the issue of critical race theory, is incredibly important. That’s parents taking control.

No American should let any Democrat near a position of power after this election. Look at what they have done. Now, compare it to a state like Florida, where Governor DeSantis led a free society. He allowed businesses to thrive. He allowed people to act like adults, make decisions independently and on their own behalf. That’s freedom. So let’s talk about what should be done in America. Let’s do that through questions.

It’s why the 2022 election is the most important election yet. I know we say that every election. It’s like The Bachelor, right? Every season is the most dramatic yet. But I look at what happened to Chris Harrison, he got the axe. So maybe that’s a sign.

So, let’s talk about what should be done in America. Let’s ask questions. Let’s challenge those in power.

Burack: What is your long-term career goal?

Boothe: Obviously, you know, I love television, it was my first love. I love doing the podcast. I love interviewing people. I love to learn from the people I’m interviewing. I would love to do that in television format. I want to keep working for Fox, and I’d like to be a part of a show there at some point.

But, Bobby, COVID in the past year taught me we often don’t have time for stillness in life. There was more stillness than normal. That taught me that while work is important, and I want to keep working hard, ultimately, it’s the other things in life that matter more. It’s family, it’s friends, it’s dating, it’s God, it’s the interpersonal relationships of life. Being a good daughter is one.

COVID had me searching for the heart of life. It really changed my outlook. But the ultimate goal is to keep doing a podcast and be on a show at Fox.

Burack: What’s Lisa Boothe like off the air?

Boothe: Oh, gosh. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows my dog Bella, I am obsessed with her. I love her. I really like to work out and stay active. I’m in Miami right now, living in Florida. That gives me the ability to get outside, go for walks on the beach.

I’m super close to my family, super close with my friends. I love to go out for dinner. Love food. But I’m independent. I always have been.

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