Mel Kiper, Todd McShay Have Lions Drafting QB to Replace Matt Stafford in Mock Draft

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Mel Kiper and Todd McShay’s latest 2021 mock draft has the Detroit Lions moving on from Matt Stafford and drafting a QB in the first round. After looking at QB Trey Lance and WR Jaylen Waddle, the draft duo have decided that BYU QB Zach Wilson is the best option for Detroit.

“Zach Wilson makes a lot of sense,” McShay explains. “He’s the most underrated quarterback in the entire class, and I think he will continue to rise as we get closer to April.”

“Yeah, let’s get the Lions their quarterback of the future to build around under a new coach and GM,” McShay concludes. “Wilson is special.”

This would be a game-changer.

Stafford turns 33 this offseason. With a new head coach and GM, the Lions may now think that a total rebuild is in their best interest. Stafford’s contract is very tradable. In QB years, 33 is still young. Right now, there are not 10 QB options who are better than Stafford. He will have a market.

Even as a Lions fan, I would like to see Stafford play for a real team, one that can compete. The 49ers and Patriots are probably the two best fits for him. Indianapolis, too, is just a QB away from contention. On any of these three teams, Stafford will return to the playoffs next season.

Detroit is a bad team that barely does anything right. Team supporters, the few who are left, should have no faith in the next hire, coach or GM. Perhaps Wilson could be a QB of the future, but not in Detroit. In Detroit, he will be just another guy playing for a horrible franchise. Since the dawn of creation, the Lions have failed to find a presentable offense, defense, coaching staff, and front office.

For Stafford’s sake, draft Zach Wilson and let him take the Ls for the next decade.

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  1. Does Detroit actually think the quarterback position is what’s holding them back? They think that’s where the change needs to be made to turn things around? If they do, then I suppose that explains why they’ve been Detroit for so long.

    • I think they just realize they have much bigger holes than QB, their best chance at success is hiring a dynamic GM/HC combo and draft their way out of the hole. Seems to be working for Oakland. I could see Harbaugh to Detroit, with a dynamic young QB in the mold of Kapernick (before he sucked) and building a winner over the next 3 years. Even winning 10 games would be a great accomplishment for Detroit.

  2. I’ve been on the “Stafford to New England” train for a while, it would be fun to see him play for the polar opposite of the Lions, a franchise that does nearly everything right instead of everything wrong. And he has plenty of arm to win those Dec/Jan games in New England.

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