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I’m receiving strong reports from people in the field that Ryan W. is a Screencaps hero for figuring out how to solve the IG loading issue

As many of you iOS users know, it’s been a very trying 2-3 months here at Screeencaps because IGs haven’t been loading or they will load for 2-3 days and then not load for 4-5 days.

Now we have some readers saying Ryan W. is a hero for his service to this community.

Read this email.

• Ryan W. writes:

After frustrating hours of debugging, I have (I think) solved the missing IG’s for iOS users.

Open settings/Safari/Advanced/Website Data then touch Remove All Website Data.

I did this three days ago and have not had a problem since. There must’ve been something cached before the “Read More” button became a thing. Thanks for the daily’s the best place on the web!


I followed Ryan’s directions and had success when clicking into Screencaps via a Twitter link.

Here’s what others are saying:

• Heath W. writes:

Shoutout to Ryan W for finally solving the IG for iOS problem for me. Dude deserves an award.

In related news, the “Read More Button” is crap. Of course I want to Read More, that’s why I clicked on the damn page!


Just a reminder, I have nothing to do with the ‘Read More’ button.

• Louie in Savannah, GA writes:

Ryan W was the hero I need, not the one I deserve.

Thank you!!!!!!!!


There are others who sent IGs, tweets, texts. I just don’t have enough time to find all of them. You get the idea. There’s a solution that is working for more than just one person. Try it.

Thank you for your support in my ‘F–k Joy Behar’ fight

• Eric J. in Bloomington, MN, “but forever a North Dakotan at heart,” writes:

Screencaps nation is full of people significantly more creative than me.   Do you think this marvelous community can come up with some sort of tag that hypocritical know-nothing windbag known as Joy Behar that can catch on and go viral ala “Lets Go Brandon”?  

(Boring side note- I remember my first encounter with Joy, a woman I was dating at the time had The View on TV and Joy started yapping.  I looked to her and said “who the f*#k is Joy Behar?”  Since that encounter, anytime I see her face or see she is in the news, that same sentiment comes back:  “who the f*#k is Joy Behar?”  Unlike wine, she hasn’t gotten better with age.

I could go on and on about how awful she is, but that would just be restating the obvious.  Lets have some fun with this (and her…. probably the only genuine laugh I’ll ever get regarding Joy Behar). 

It’s a rough draft

On disgusting Joy Behar and disgusting people on social media begging others to fund their kids’ travel ball dreams

Before we get to the emails on travel ball funding, let’s go back to the IG message that I posted Friday:

• JT writes:

Hi Joe, love the come and take it meme today, it’s a TNML bumper sticker waiting to happen.

I just wanted to weigh in on the travel softball fundraiser. This is pretty much par for the course in my experience. Anyone with a brick-and-mortar storefront is under a constant barrage of donation requests for similar causes.

“Would you sponsor my nephew for travel ball?”

“Would you donate donuts for my church’s sunrise service?”

“It’s my turn to provide a snack for the teachers at my school would you donate it since it’s for a school?


“Then please save me some old stuff I can have at a discounted price.”

(I loved that one when I found out it was for a Montessori school, something about having the money and yet not having the money is just so real.)

And my personal favorite, “Would you donate cookies for my daughter’s Girl Scout sleepover?”

Notching a cookie donation to the Girl Scouts was probably the pinnacle of my business career. Sadly, these requests must be considered mostly in the light of how many people will be mad at my business if I say no.

Actual needs like medical bill fundraising or feeding the homeless are an automatic and glad to help yes, but the entitlement requests really make you grind your teeth a little. 

Cheers to all 

Disgusting travel ball funding behavior

• Brian in Atlanta writes:

I don’t understand the people that ask others to fund their lifestyle or choices. You chose to have your kid play travel ball – why are you asking for me to help you pay for it?

I’ll take it further – People do this for mission trips and adoptions. If you are wanting to go on a mission trip – you should have prepared yourself to do that on your own. Save up your own money to go instead of asking me to fund your trip. Same for adoption.

I know it is expensive – kids are expensive – if that is what you feel is best for your family then you need to do everything you can to afford that. 

I love messages like this one…and F–k Joy Behar

My Pittsburgh Steelers ticket and maple syrup hookup, Tom H. in Fort Wayne, IN sent me a text Friday afternoon that made my week.

This is the power of Screencaps:

By the way, one of these days I need to address the OutKick haters who think this site is only read by people south of the Ohio River. Something big is definitely going on in Pennsylvania where readership is growing FAST. Are you guys passing this column in your PA text groups? It sure feels like it.

As I suspected, MY Bengals got SCREWED

• Brian G. in Coral Springs, Florida breaks down what happened Thursday when the NFL decided it was going to put the ol’ screw job to MY Bengals:

Yes we are getting screwed if the proposal passes. 

  1. The NFL Rulebook has a passage about cancelled games and they are changing this rule now at the last second… why? Because they wantBills v Chiefs
  2. Bengals had in their control the ability to win the 2 seed and 2 home games. Gone
  3. Bengals are given the title of North Champs BUT no guarantee of a home game. 
  4. Bengals get saddled with the much tougher 2023 schedule with repeat games of Chiefs and Bills (and worse draft pick) even though they get NONE of the benefit of winning the division. 
  5. Bengals get ZERO benefit from the no contest compared to just outright losing. If they lost to Bills and to Ravens, they would have had an easier 2023 schedule and a game in Jacksonville or Tennessee. Now they may have to go to Baltimore and division rival 3rd time. 
  6. Bengals get no concession for a coin flip or neutral field for round 2 against the Bills!!! This one is huge. So instead of having a 55% chance to secure #2 seed (probably more like 60% given game context of 7-3) we have ZERO chance to host buffalo and have to travel to cold Orchid Park and face those fans. And THEN to KC even though we beat them and lost the chance at 1 seed.
  7. Bills, Chiefs, and Ravens get some positive in the proposal (and some negative) – Bengals get all negative. 
  8. If this was the Chiefs in this scenario, they would never have jobbed them like they did Cincinnati. 

Now I am even more fired up after typing that.


If you think Brian and I are mad, the opposite of our state of mind would come in the form of this guy Zack who will have his $10k refunded by the Circa Las Vegas sportsbook because the Bengals will not play a full 17-game season.

Zack definitely isn’t mad at how all this worked out.

F–k Joy Behar & let’s have some pillow talk

Boy, Millennial Mike fired up the community in a good way with his challenge to everyone reading this column to go out and get yourself a high-quality pillow in 2023. You guys will suck down high-end bourbon and then get 10 hours of sleep on some piece of junk $18.99 Walmart pillow.

• Millennial Mike writes back:

Thanks for the follow on about the pillows! It’s ok to skimp out on certain things but not the important things! The Richest Man in Babylon touches on this topic; the poor will spend $5 on a cheap item and end up replacing it 20 times, where as the wealthy will spend $50 on a quality item which they only have to purchase once!

• Ben B. wants to talk pillows:

Love the pillow talk happening at Screencaps. As big fans of the Purple pillow and mattress I wanted to inquire for more information. Some background info: When we bought our first Purple mattress it came with the flat Purple Pillow as a promo gift.

At first, the adjustment was weird for a night or two, but the results were amazing. My wife swore it helped with some back issues she was having. Fast forward a couple of years and we move houses and get a larger purple mattress (Queen to King) and this one comes with their new non-flat more traditionally shaped pillow. Now we use both, but the mainstay is the flat one. We are pretty evangelical about it even. 

So the question is, which pillow does Mrs. Screencaps have? Did she not like the flat one? Maybe give the other one a try? Personally, we advocate using them in tandem. Not to give cross-promotion, but Portnoy did a whole pillow review last year similar to the pizza reviews. The time of the pillow has come indeed. 

One last personal anecdote/recommendation: People, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and invest in a high-quality mattress. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s life-changing. Shop around and find what works for you. My recommendation is the Purple. I really like the soft but firm nature and their novel grid system allows for good airflow which is crucial for a hot sleeper like me. We also like the base level Purple. The ones with added layers just didn’t do it for us as it took away from the firm aspects we liked while over accentuating the soft ones. 

Love the discussion and hearing everyone’s recommendations. Even though we’re really enjoying the Purple stuff, gotta keep your head on a swivel for the latest and greatest. And there is a group I trust more than the Screencaps community to keep me informed.


Mrs. Screencaps has some no-name pillow. It’s going to take much more pillow shopping for her to decide on which style is for her. She says the Purple was too high and made her neck sit up too high. She might need to try a flatter version.

Ben is 100% correct about the Purple being for hot sleepers. Love the air flow.

And just so we’re all on the same page here, Screencaps Pillow Talk is #notsponsored. That said, if someone from Purple is reading, you have a solid product.

• Chris B. writes:

Hi Joe — not sure if you noticed, but The Hag Who Shall Not Be Named has the same initials as our second-worst-ever president…so she’s giving new life to those FJB flags and stickers.

Also, as a side-sleeper and cheap bastard, I put two regular pillows into one XL case. The firmness supports my head much better and my neck pain is gone.

• Paul B. down in Florida writes:

I have a pillow story for you. Several years ago, lets’ just say 8 to make it easy, the family and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We were looking for something, don’t remember what it was, and I wanted a pillow.

What better place to go get a pillow than a place with Bed in the name of the store. I’m a very analytical person, I was a billiards player, a baseball player, a pitcher in softball as I got older, and I work in engineering. I observe, analyze and deduce and come to a conclusion. As I was looking at all of the pillow options I chose an $80 pillow. 80 freaking bucks! I’m not one to throw money around but when it comes to value I’m very interested.

I chose that pillow, I don’t remember the brand, and my wife chose two other pillows. Her pillows were 30 bucks each so she got two cheaper than my one. She thought she had made the better choice. I begged to differ. I looked at her pillows and I didn’t like them. Her pillows lasted a year or two and mine is still going strong. Same shape and form as the day I bought it. As we evacuated for Hurricane Ian I made sure to ask my wife to pack it.

I was at work the day before the storm hit and she took care of all that stuff. My only worry is I have no clue what the brand of pillow is, if they still make it, and triple is out of business. What will I do if something happens to my beloved pillow?

F–k Joy Behar and advice for those looking to shed lbs.

• Brent P. writes:

Screencaps is off to a great start this year. My average daily read is still hovering around 17 minutes.

I am officially starting to say “Let’s go Brandon” with a double meaning…F-k Joe Biden & F-k Joy Behar!

My strength and conditioning class was full this morning. 25% more people than in December. Love seeing it. I hope they make it to the end of January, although I know most won’t. I just want to remind everyone that no workout program can overcome a shitty diet. If you are eating from a box, a jar, or frozen container, you are probably eating crap. Buy real food from the produce and meat stands and get in the kitchen!

As the winter sets in, and the sun gets sparser, I would love to have a meet and greet, at a local pub, with the Indy Screencaps crew. Do you have an email data base of the Indy crew?


Brent, Indy is 100% getting a TNML visit this year before mowers fire up. OutKick management is set and, as I wrote this week, there is investment in this product. I’m going to be out on the road again. Hang tight.

For those looking to buy a car

Use this intel as you wish.

Snow blower talk

• Speaking of Pennsylvania readers, Kevin in Gibsonia, PA writes:

In regards to Jason in NH, no matter what make or model he buys, make sure it has an electric start.  Trust me on this one.

Law enforcement officer Steven S. has advice for those looking to give back after the Damar Hamlin situation

• Steven in Augusta, GA writes:

I will try to keep it brief..

Long story short, I had heart surgery in Aug of 20, and could have no visitors due to Covidians being in charge of the hospital.   Things did not go well, and I ended up being intubated for 7 days, followed by another 6 days in ICU and then a few days in the “ regular “  cardiac wing.   

Let me assure you that it is the worst thing that I have ever experienced.   I was not in pain, but it is very disconcerting and since everyone’s natural instinct is to pull those 3 tubes out, they restrain you.

I had great care, but at the same time there are good nurses and less good nurses.  The great nurses would talk to you while they did things, and do them gently.  The less great ones would be a little less gentle and treat you like they were working on a lawn mower.  

I say all that to say that once I was extubated and then made it out of the hospital, I am lucky enough to have a great wife to take care of me while I recovered.   It’s a long process, and at least for me, I don’t think I will ever be back to the way I was.  It does beat being dead, by a long shot!.

All of that to get to the point the guy was making about helping out locally as a volunteer in a hospital.   Just visiting someone that otherwise would have no one as they recover is HUGE.   Helping out when they get home if they are alone is even better.  I am a tough person, but I really can not fathom how anyone could navigate that next few weeks with no help. 

Keep up the good work, and drop me a line if you ever are in Augusta for the tournament, or as we say the tunamint.

• Drew H. in Kansas City writes:

Pleasure to meet you.  Long time reader, first-time writer and big fan.

It’s been over 20 years since my unremarkable college football career came to a close.

In the wake of Damar’s injury, I’ve been reflecting a lot and something I keep coming back to is equipment.  Contemporary football gear is so sleek now.  Compared to what I used to wear, the shoulder pads are smaller and thinner. Jerseys almost look fitted.  Knee, thigh, hip, and tailbone pads nonexistent.  Now obviously speed, agility, and not giving the other guy something to grab onto are the main concerns, though there’s probably plenty of style points factored in.

I can’t help but think if Damar’s injury is attributed to blunt chest trauma, maybe shoulder pads and other gear will start getting the same treatment helmets have lately.  Maybe some of the padding and bulk of earlier uniforms will make a comeback, and hopefully a difference.  

If you go even further back and look at some of my youth football pictures I look like discards from a mattress factory.

Take care and Happy New Year.

What a morning. Incredible emails, texts, DMs, etc.

When my boss came to me back in the summer with the proposal to turn Screencaps into a 365-day column, I’m not going to lie, I was dreading waking up on Saturdays for 40-plus weeks a year to pump out this column. I LOVE this column, but waking up at 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings for months on end didn’t sound like the greatest of ideas, but here we are into the fifth month of this 365 days project and between SeanJo and myself we haven’t missed a day.

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed two Saturdays over that period.

Now I’ve found that it’s incredibly easy to get up at 6 a.m. on Saturdays because you guys are taking the lead. You’re firing off thought-provoking emails. You’re buying into the process that is turning this column into a beast.

Go have a helluva weekend and enjoy life. I’m off for the next 40 hours or so.


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