Lil Wayne To Debate Skip Bayless On FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ Every Week When Show Returns From Hiatus

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Lil Wayne will debate Skip Bayless every Friday when Undisputed returns to FS1 on August 28.

Bayless revealed on his podcast Thursday that Wayne will join the show for at least one segment each week, if not several depending on the news of the day.

In addition, Lil Wayne created a new theme song for the program. Bayless says “It’s even better than the original.”

Wayne originally created “No Mercy” for Bayless, a track that has served as the intro since the show’s launch in 2016.

Bayles has teased that Wayne, his personal friend, would be more involved in the show moving forward.

Lil Wayne, even for just a segment a week, will increase interest in Undisputed. Wayne is both a best-selling rapper and an avid sports fan.

Undisputed has been on hiatus since Shannon Sharpe departed in June following the NBA Finals. Fox Sports has yet to announce how it will replace Sharpe.

The name to watch is former Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman, to whom Bayless said he spoke recently.

Sherman was co-analyst on Amazon’s Thursday Night Football last season, in a role he impressed.

Still, Sherman has been emotionally inconsistent and would have to talk NBA year around should he join Bayless.

Plus, the last time they debate each other it ended quite poorly:

For those reasons, Undisputed could also adopt the format of First Take, its ESPN counterpart. First Take has featured a lengthy list of contributors to debate Stephen A. Smith since demoting Max Kellerman in 2021.

In fact, Bayless said on his podcast that FS1 planned to introduce a similar format when Bayless signed in 2016 but late in the process decided to sign Sharpe instead.

Given Bayless’ drawing power, he doesn’t need a full-time partner. Despite an erroneous report, there is a long list of personalities who want to debate Bayless, even if it’s for a day of the week — including entertainers like Lil Wayne.

It’s not lost on the industry that Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe were essentially out of the industry before Bayless added them to his show, turning both into stars in media.

Speaking of Stephen A. — Bayless vs. Lil Wayne is sure to better segment than Stephen A. vs. Kimberley A. 

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