Lil Kirk Cousins Steals The Show Again At Vikings Game

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The Minnesota Vikings held on to beat the New York Jets 27-22, but the star of the show was mini-Kirk Cousins, who was on hand, chains and all.

Lil Kirk, as he’s known, was on hand to watch Big Kirk and the now 10-2 Vikings who despite their best efforts have trouble losing.

Mini Kirk was such a hit that he even scored a one-on-one interview.

Lil Kirk — real name Lincoln Gustafson — spoke to CBS about what inspired him and his parents to full Kirk in Chains on Sunday.

“My dad works with another Vikings fan and he suggested that we should do the idea,” he said. “And then when I got home, my mom showed me the video and I thought it’d be really cool to wear it.”

You’ve gotta love how Lil Kirk doesn’t forget where he came from. He gives credit to the team behind the idea.

The kid handles an interview better than adults who have had media training.

Lil Kirk Made His Highly-Anticipated Return To US Bank Stadium On Sunday

Lil Kirk made his gameday debut on Thanksgiving against the Patriots. When asked how it felt to see his Kirkly visage on the Jumbotron, Lil Kirk had answers.

“It was really cool, and lots of people were chanting for me,” he said.

After his debut, Big Kirk met with Lil Kirk — perhaps to give him some pointers on nailing the shirtless chains look — and gave Lincoln and his family tickets to the game against the Jets.

“It was really cool, he was really nice,” Lil Kirk said of the Kirk summit. “And it was cool because he knew it was going to be my birthday.”

You read that right: he was working on his birthday. He could’ve said, “No, I’d prefer to blend in and enjoy the game, maybe crush a pretzel and a Mountain Dew.

Not Lil Kirk, he wanted to put on a show.

Great stuff. The kid is going to go places.

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