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There’s nothing like cleaning out the garage on a Wednesday

By now you guys know the rules around here — Tuesday and Wednesday are sorta nights off to get guy stuff done since we’re blogging sports pretty much every other night of the week. Since we’re headed to hunker down mode here in northern Ohio, that means you button up things in the garage and get your head right for the impending leaf season which then rolls into frozen season and then that first snow.

I’m not doing this work on a Saturday when the meat of the college football season arriving this week. Even if I do get some free time Saturday or Sunday, it’s pumpkin patch season. I’d like to know in the comments how you guys handle this time of the year with the wives and girlfriends/husbands and boyfriends? How do you get the pumpkin and apple picking in with all the football on? What’s the strategy?

This year we’re talking about doing it on a Monday or Tuesday. Completely avoid the crowds, get our Instagram photos of the kids and get out. The key seems to be marrying a person who understands it’s football season and that comes first before everything else. Thank god my wife is one of those people.

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