Liberals Flee To Red States To Be Free: Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

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Whether it’s Bill Gates, Chinese communist enterprise, or just your average blue state liberal traipsing in with big Cali money looking to build a second or third home, our heartland states are being invaded and then changed and Tomi Lahren has something to say about it.

Here are her Final Thoughts:

Big city liberals, billionaires and even Chinese communists are staking their claim to God’s Country and can’t blame them. But as geographically beautiful as our RED states are, that’s not why they’re coming.

If it was about the weather, the terrain, or the landscape you’d see every Tom, Dick and Harry fleeing to California, but as we know, that’s the OPPOSITE of the case. No, y’all are coming because as much as your tweets and social media activism say otherwise, you appreciate freedom. It’s in your blood and it ought to be. That’s not the problem.

The problem is half of you are fleeing to our free states and bringing your semi-commie voting patterns right along with you! You also have the audacity to look at the locals as if we are backwards and need to change. It’s a free country, Americans are allowed to move and build in whatever state we chose but for the love of God can you wake up and realize that turning our red states purple or blue will put you right back in the same situation you fled from! You ruin these states and there is nowhere to flee.

You come strolling into our states with all that Cali or New York money in your pockets, buy up land and property, price out the locals and then plant a big “BLM” or “Biden” sign into the very dirt cultivated by us hardworking folks you turn your nose up at. Newsflash, you’re not better than us! And how pompous you are that you infiltrate our states only to change them to suit you! You plant backyard hobby gardens and buy a couple horses and all the sudden you think you’re farmers and ranchers.

You’re not! Or even worse, take Bill Gates for example. How many family farms and ranchers are you gonna run out of business in North Dakota and elsewhere? You bought up 270,000 acres across dozens of states and what family operation can compete with that? Meanwhile Gates is investing millions of dollars in lab-grown meat, just to pour a little more salt in the wound. I’ve had it. Our states are not merely here for your experiments or your vacation homes or your liberal nonsense.

To quote Yellowstone’s John Dutton, if what Gates and the rest of them are bringing into our backyards is their version of “progress” let every South Dakotan, North Dakotan, Montanan, Texan and Tennessean be the WALL their progress bashes against and we will not be the ones who break! You want to be in a red state, in God’s Country, fine, but if you want to bring your demons dressed as liberal policies into our mountains, fields, streams, farmland and backyards well… you’re in for a rude awakening.

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