Le’Veon Bell’s 6th Baby Mama Is Furious, Unloads On Running Back

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Unemployed running back Le’Veon Bell has more problems than finding a team willing to hire him. He has baby mama drama in the form of his 6th baby mama, Instagram model Golden Blondie, unloading a vicious attack where she called Bell a “coward” and the “worst (f–king) human being on the planet.”


Blondie, who has done work in Instagram hotspots like the UAE, Dubai, Kansas City, Tulum and Ibiza, doesn’t appear to be headed down a path where she’ll be settling down with baby daddy Le’Veon. The new mama celebrated July 4th by giving out a lap dance in a limo van and partied at the clubs.

If I were a betting man, I’d have to say that Golden Blondie and Le’Veon are officially finished and he has moved on to future endeavors.

@leveonbell since you blocked me I guess we can talk on here because you only care what the public thinks! You’re the worst f–king human being on the planet you can’t even call yourself a man when you barley take care of the kids you do claim and pick and choose which ones to claim!

Oh and we can dead the narrative I choose to be baby mama #6 because I never knew that.. I would have ran for the hills!! But I guess that’s why you had to go get an dumb underaged bitch after me I let you slide for a minute tryna keep it cool but now the world can know what a terrible person you are!

You said you would be there for me and the baby and went ghost when it came out in the blogs like the coward you are no @nfl team wants a little coward! And oh don’t try and spin the f–king narrative that I’m just out for your money because

A) you wouldn’t be the person I’d go for if it just about money lmao you don’t even have a contract smh


C) I hope you use a condom before you make baby number 8

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This isn’t the first time Le’Veon has had baby mama drama. Back in 2019, Bell’s baby mama, Cherise, fired up Instagram Story to air her grievances. “I wanna switch my baby daddy. God I think u gave me the wrong mans. LOL I’m tired of acting like LeVeon is a great dad for Landos sake…,” Cherise wrote.

That’s why I’m not buying Golden Blondie’s claim that she didn’t know about Le’Veon’s low down, dirty dog ways. These jersey chasers use Google. The jersey chasers talk amongst themselves. I’d say Golden Blondie might’ve thought she could change her baby daddy. She probably figured Le’Veon would finally settle down with his sixth baby mama and grab a couple of one-year contracts to support his latest child.

C’mon, Blondie! I’m supposed to believe you didn’t google “Le’Veon Bell baby mama”? This guy has left an incredible paper trail of baby mama drama. Ladies, you’re not going to change a guy with five previous baby mamas. I don’t care how many Brazilian butt lifts you’ve had. I don’t care what your track record is at the clubs.

Lesson learned, Blondie.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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