‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Is Now Equal to Burning the Flag, Says Congresswoman

Well, here’s why analogies are not for everyone.

This week, Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Tennessee) announced that if you have been chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon,” you are probably a flag-burner. Or something like one of those shameful imbeciles.

“As a friend said, I think [Let’s Go, Brandon] should be equated with burning the flag, in essence, that’s what they are doing,” Johnson tweeted.

The “LGB” chant has select elites on tilt beyond belief. A few weeks ago, CNN political analyst Joe Lockhard, a former Clinton press secretary, compared the cheer to coded rhetoric from Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and ISIS. What a trio.

See, Democratic lawmakers and the media could have effectively degraded a euphemism for “F–k Joe Biden” had they been consistent. Equating the chanters to Klansmen carries little weight when none of them took any issue when celebrities similarly promoted vulgar rhetoric during the Trump administration.

The same blue-checks in dismay over “LGB” had celebrated after rapper Macklemore led a crowd chanting “F–k Donald Trump'” in 2017. As did they when Robert De Niro and 50 Cent shouted the same phrase in front of other large crowds.

So yelling vulgarly, either directly or indirectly, about the sitting U.S. President is traitorous only when aimed at one party’s president. That seems reasonable. Who could possibly oppose such logic? Certainly not Rep. Gloria Johnson.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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      • You know what? You are correct. I was talking about those Alt Right Conservative Very Fine People with “Family Values ” who supported a man who said ” Grab em by the P#$$y”. The same guy who called a POW “a loser” and the same guy who called racist on Charlottesville “very Fine People “….Hell, I have yet to mention the Christian Values types at the Capitol on January 6th. “HANG MIKE PENCE”??? WWJD ??? WWJD??…

        • Since we’re going off of soundbites and stereotypes I’ll share a few of my own:

          “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”-Nancy Pelosi

          “WWJD”? No clue, but I’m willing to bet he’d prefer someone who curses over an Irish Catholic POTUS who promotes abortion. Very “christian” of him to promote “baby-killing” or whatever the pro-lifers say.

          “Grab ’em by the pussy”. One guy says it, the other one does it. Just ask Tara Reade.

          Like I said, you are retarded. Stop painting everything you don’t like as “christian conservative” you baby-brained imbecile.

  1. Hmm, burning the flag. You mean what BLM supporters do at their rallies, which Democrats like this Congressswoman have loudly and proudly supported? So this must be the Democratic Party’s way of saying keep chanting “Lets Go Brandon”

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