AG Letitia James Calls For MLB To Offer Free Yankees Game For Free

Aaron Judge looks to tie the American League season home run record of 61 tonight in a game that airs on Apple TV+.

New York Attorney General Letitia James considers this arrangement unfair. Friday, James released a statement urging MLB to move the game to cable so that fans do not have to pay extra to watch Judge chase the record.

“New Yorkers paid their cable bills expecting to see live sports programming. Now they are being asked to do extra if they want to watch this exciting home run chase, and potentially historic game.

“That is why I am calling on Apple and the MLB to reach a fair accommodation with the YES Network so that fans can watch what we all hope will be history made this evening.”

Ironically, the attorney general with the greatest disregard for the facts didn’t bother to check the facts before releasing her statement. Apple TV+ does not charge fans to watch its MLB package. There is no “paying extra” required.

MLB on Apple is free and available to all users. The only downside to that is Katie Nolan and annoying her cackle appear on the broadcast in the booth.

We’d tell James to stick to AG’ing, but she’s not any good at that either.

On Wednesday, James announced the state filed a civil suit against the Trump Organization that alleges the company overvalued assets to obtain low-interest loans from financial institutions. The lawsuit seeks the banning of Trump and his adult children from operating businesses in the state, in addition to $250 million.

Letitia James/Aaron Judge

This is not a lawsuit to protect the integrity of New York, as James claims. Rather, it’s a form of political targeting. James announced she planned to sue Trump long before she assumed the role of New York Attorney General, years before she gathered any of her supposed evidence.

There’s a video of her promising to sue him years back.

Ultimately, the Yankees game is free to all users, and Letitia James vowed to do her job honestly.

One of these statements proves James to be a liar. The other proves why 63-year-olds should not comment on streaming.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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