LeSean McCoy Throws Shade At Giants’ Daniel Jones, Says Saquon Barkley Is Far More Valuable

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Former NFL running back LeSean McCoy gave his take on the New York Giants’ prioritizing QB Daniel Jones over running back Saquon Barkley. As a card-carrying member of the running back brotherhood, the panelist on FS1’s Speak made it clear he thinks they made the wrong decision.

He gave his take on whether it would be better to invest in a Bently — in this case Barkley — or a house, which was analogous to Jones.

Not only did the former Eagle, Bill, Chief, and Buccaneer pick Barkley, he disagreed with the entire premise about Jones being a house.

He thinks he’s more of a garage.

“He’s not even a condo, he’s like a garage, right?” McCoy said. “I mean, are we really going to sit here and act like Daniel Jones is this superstar quarterback?”

He argued that Jones hasn’t improved year-over-year, and had a good year in 2022 thanks to a good coach in Brian Daboll.

Conversely, McCoy argued that we have yet to see the extent of what Barkley can do. Plus, as far as value is concerned, McCoy argued that Barkley has the edge on some intangibles too.

Saquon is more valuable, Saquon is the more marketable, you see him on every commercial. You will never see Daniel Jones in any commercials.”

As far as who defenses calculate their game plan around? Well, according to McCoy that’d be Barkley as well.

“A defense comes to play the Giants,” he said. “You think they’re really talking about Daniel Jones? They may mention him, but the main key to stop this team is Saquon Barkley.”

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