LeBron Tries to Explain Why He Deleted Tweet Endangering Cop

LeBron James earlier Wednesday tried to endanger a police officer, the one who saved the woman whom Ma’Khia Bryant was trying to stab and kill, by tweeting out the officer’s full photo. After enflaming racial tensions further, LeBron deleted his tweet — not because he then read about the story and realized facts existed, but because of racism. Yep, it’s the racists’ fault, LeBron says:

Here were my thoughts on LeBron’s pathetic tweet earlier:

Though the officer saved a life, LeBron tweets out the full image of him to ensure no matter what events follow, this man will have a target on his back. Because of LeBron, the officer will never be able to walk in public safely again. You might ask, “What if he isn’t charged?” LeBron is one of the most influential individuals in the world. No matter what, millions of his fans will believe what he says. It takes just one, and LeBron just convinced millions with a lie.

OutKick has reached out to the NBA for comment. We will update you if and when the league responds.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Clay…Bobby…BRAVO and KUDOS to you both for trying to reach out to a STONE RACIST to start a dialogue.
    But just as you would try an intervention with a family member or a good friend who was a STONE crack or meth user…or a STONE drunkard or stoner…
    If THEY don’t want help, you’re wasting your breath, your emotions, and your positive energy. Draining yourself of positive energy with no hope of a positive result is the definition of madness, and it will leave you less willing and able to see the good in people.
    Don’t throw away the good inside YOU BOTH for the EVIL inside that P O S.

  2. How tone deaf are these race grifters? It appears they’d rather be left alone to kill each other than see police intervene. And if they keep this up they might get their wish. How many more black people is LeFraud going to inadvertently kill with his oligarch nonsense?

    • I’d have to agree…for all we know that Nike contract was actually a contract with the devil. Who knows what skeletons he has that they can bring out if he doesn’t follow the company line.

    • To that point, think how many have been killed as a result of racial arsonist rhetoric of Dem politicians, MSM, BLM, and other race hustlers like Al Sharpton. If the girl in pink had been LeBron’s daughter and the officer had not reacted can you imagine the firestorm. What an ignorant ass.

  3. The NBA has fined players and other personnel for posts on social media.
    The NBA has fined players for slurs seen by thousands of people online or heard by a handful of people sitting near the court in an arena.
    Yet the NBA lets this racist slob with nearly 50 million followers spew his hatred and does nothing?

    Time’s up. Time for the NBA to made held accountable and made to answer. I’m counting on you guys at Outkick to press the issue and humiliate that league daily. Only sports media with the balls to do it.

  4. Hope the officer and his “evil” police union sue LBJ’s ass off civilly while simultaneously filing criminal complaints in LA, State of California and State of Ohio for threats, defamation and harassment. Then file complaints with the FBI. And just for the heck of it, contact the Beijing PD and file a criminal complaint with them too.

  5. LeBron has never said one thing that sounded smart. With all of his talent and wealth, why does he even attempt to assume that America and the world at large are yes men and ass kissers like his small circle of corporate wokester handlers.

  6. Outstanding comments and thank you Clay and Bobby for putting in check the fake radical Muslim Twitter extremist. I’ve said this before but I feel like it’s appropriate to repeat, though I realize I’m not saying anything on here all of you don’t already know. James is the kid at school who was always in the front row for the fights. Always the one telling all of the other kids they should fight. Always telling the friends of the kids who were fighting not to break up the fights. But for some reason Lebron was never the one fighting. Never. If I had to bet, my money would be that the vast majority of black NBA players who’ve played with him would be nodding their heads in agreement. To put it simply, the guy is a bitch, and he’s never exposed himself as much as he did with those Twitter posts about that heroic, white police officer, who, in a split second, stopped a deadly threat and saved the life of a young black girl.

  7. Lakers fan from 80’s watching Magic/Bird. F Lebron & F Lakers as long as he’s there. I won’t watch a minute. He’s put out racist shit before, privileged bastard. Let me get his position straight, F the police even if they’re saving a young black girl from another black girl. Ok. Is the woke position really stay out of it as long as black people are killing each other? F that noise.

  8. There are two things that LeBron is expert at besides basketball. One is shooting off his mouth without the facts and two is getting the facts wrong. Does he really know the FBI statistics on how many unarmed African Americans are killed each year by policemen? The last couple of years it’s around 15 and 27. That doesn’t mean they were just shot in cold blood. In most cases they were fighting with police and going for the gun. Hey LeBron maybe you could do some good here. Why don’t you tell young black men to stop resisting arrest? Better yet why don’t you listen to the arguments of people like Candice Owens, Robert woodson Sr, Byron Donald’s, Shelby Steele, Horace Cooper, Leo Terrell, Larry elder and listen to Malcolm X’s speech on the evils of white liberalism. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying watching NBA ratings tank.

    • James is like Obama. Both weigh in concerning these situations without any knowledge of the facts surrounding it. Obama did it for eight years and it looks like it’s in James’ playbook as well.

  9. Thank you Jim Robb, it bears repeating because no one says it better than Dr. Sowell: “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” Thomas Sowell
    LeFraud is ignorant.

  10. If this dummy had any class or sense of fairness or legitimate interest in a better country he would apologize to police everywhere. James has done and said a lot of stupid things but he’s never come out with a true, sincere public apology for anything.

    His employers, his business partners and the sports media that are supposed to hold him accountable never have demanded or even suggested it. They’re afraid of or enamored with the ignorant child “king.”

  11. Clay, I have to qualify this by stating that I don’t watch as much of the various news outlets as I used to, but it seems to me that you are the only one speaking the truth about this Columbus, OH incident and the numerous other similar incidents that have taken place in recent memory. I’m a retired PO and remain astounded by the way the MSM and the BLM crowd just ignore the facts in these cases. I’d love to hear one of them mention and rail against the behavior that brought the police to these scenes in the first place. I’m not one to ignore the facts and blindly side with the police when these things happen. In some of these cases, I’ve wondered why some of these LEO’s responded the way they did, especially when it relates to a subject/perp fleeing the scene. As a former cop, I can’t help but armchair QB these situations while, at the same time, being careful not to jump to conclusions based on video clips posted by the media. I saw a clip yesterday of a family member or friend say that this never should have happened, referring to the shooting of this knife wielding girl in Columbus. I beg to differ. That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen when a PO is faced with a subject intending to do such harm to another, regardless of the subjects age, gender or race.
    Thank you for speaking the truth without fear.

  12. This is what you get when a child is raised by a single woman that hate men. You get a weak and emotional child with his mothers ways and mannerisms. He’s being used and exploited by racist liberal media doing the bidding of the globalist.

  13. Too bad he won’t speak to anyone in the media that doesn’t coddle him. I’d love to see him put on the spot for his theories on race in this country and the NBA’s involvement with China.

  14. Honest question for Clay Travis or any attorney out there – can the officer sue LeBron personally under Ohio Criminal code 2909.06 covering reckless endangerment (I understand it would be attempting to apply a criminal code to a civil case)? He likely wouldn’t win, but a crusading attorney could bring attention to the dangerous behavior by some of these celebrities and pro athletes.

  15. As the chant by blm at the New York restaurant was. “We don’t want you here”. People better star taking this to heart all over America. That is exactly what they want. It’s right in front of our faces.

  16. I’m supposing he deleted the tweet because his lawyer explained to him that if this cop shows up dead then Lebron at minimum is getting sued into oblivion and at maximum if he knows the killer Lebron will be considered an accomplice.

  17. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that James has a psychological hatred for whites. Not long ago flipping channels I came across an interview with him in what appeared to be a barbershop situation. He was being interviewed by two black guys (no idea who they were) and late show host Jon Stewart. James talked about going to a catholic hs with mostly white kids. He said he wanted nothing to do with anybody white. No interest. It hit me then how much he despises whites. BTW, Jon Stewart spent the whole time looking at James like he wanted to suck his dick. Told me all I ever wanted to know about fruity Stewart.

  18. Dumb and dumber. Instead of being a man and saying “I was wrong” he gives some lame statement saying he took down the tweet because of all the “hate”. Yeah, dummy. You are a hateful jerk and you got a lot of heat for it. And most if not all of the criticism was legitimate, not hate toward you. LeBron is such a narcissist that any critique is automatically “hate”. He’s a mental midget and moral coward.

  19. Biden will probably consult with Cardi B and Lebron on how to handle crossing the red line in Russia, I’m sure they are up to speed on what a nuclear war would do to their twitter followers, and all these cops the left so desperately wants to get rid of.

    Also this stuff doesn’t seem to happen in rural America where people still go to church and respect family values, might be the only place left to actually raise a family with moral values. They can have the big cities, give me wide open spaces like Texas and Oklahoma all day every day.

  20. Great monologue Clay. Can you run for President, please?

    What James did was far worse than the guy (I don’t even know his name) who let an anti-Semitic slur fly while playing a video game. Waiting for the NBA’s punishment to be handed down.

  21. The first question one has to ask is how the hell did we get here? I will not defend LaBron James for what he said. It makes me sick to see someone of his stature fall victim to what is happening in America. Shame on you LaBron. You should know better. However, if you are a young black man and all you hear from the time you can walk is that the police are going to shoot you if you go to the grocery store alone then what do you expect? When you “hear” that 80% of black men believe they are more likely to die at the hands of police versus an automobile accident there is something out of wack. I do not believe that and the statistics will bear me out. LaBron spoke first and did not have the information he could have had. That is somewhat natural but when it comes to this subject it is not allowable. He is too important to the black community and whether he should be or not he is an icon to that group of people. Leadership has its benefits and its responsibilities. When we have a president and vice president saying what they are saying and black live matter officials saying they have to be violent to make progress we have a problem. Question, is it normal for a person to defend his or her property from looters? Of course it is. Black lives matter and most police departments say no. Is it allowable to take over a section of a city and have anarchy be the rule. Evidently it is.. Is it normal for people to deface property and set fire to buildings for one hundred consecutive days? See Portland.

    Show me a country that is more open than ours. Show me another country where anyone can be a millionaire if they are willing to work and sacrifice. Show me another country where you can get an education and succeed. Shoe me another country who spends what our country spends on poor people.

    People are getting played!

  22. So lets try to follow James’ logic of outrage for a moment. He appears to be less concerned about two people almost being stabbed and more concerned that the person doing the stabbing was shot by the police all while the stabbing was still in progress. If the officer had just stood there and not intervened, then what? In large cities all over the U.S. you are already seeing the police being less proactive and violent crime on the rise. This trend will continue.

    As for Lebron James. He lives a fantasy camp existence that’s always above the fray. The fact that he folded like a cheap tent and removed his tweet proves that at the end of the day, he is at best uninformed and at worst completely unserious about anything of substance.

  23. What I do not understand is why poor folks are not robbing the rich Woke crowd. they empathize with the poor and will not call the cops, right?! Don’t steal from your neighbor, go to the network anchor (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Chuck Todd, Chelsy Handler, et al) or Hollywood star, or whatever and just take their $$$. They are for you and will not call the cops and will gladly give you $$. Risk vs Reward folks

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