LeBron Stares At Bench As His Three Hits All Net, It was Absurd (Watch)

The Lakers are taking it to James Harden’s Rockets, so LeBron decided to show off. He takes a corner three and doesn’t bother looking to see if it goes down.

Because of course it does. Watch:

Steph Curry-like and somehow more impressive. Since James Harden and the Rockets don’t seem to be trying hard enough to stop something like this from happening, maybe it’s time to trade Harden for Kyrie? After what LeBron just did, it might be time for the Rockets to relocate.


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  1. Didn’t the last awful nba season of the bubble just mercifully end? It feels like I got no break from it. Dangit, we already have to have another one? Don’t they all need to take a year off to go protest something else?

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