LeBron Says He’s Sorry For Not Praising Ma’Khia Bryant, Not The Officer He Tried to Destroy

LeBron James has chimed back in on the shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant. He wants to apologize — not to the heroic officer, whose life LeBron inexcusably tried to ruin, but to Bryant, who tried to stab and kill a girl.

LeBron responded to a Vox column that asked why people are not saying Bryant’s name, in honor of SayHerName, a social movement that says it raises awareness for black female victims.

As a reminder: LeBron doxxed the officer who had to shoot Bryant to stop her from stabbing a young girl to death. LeBron tweeted out the officer’s face and body to ensure the officer could never again walk in public safely. LeBron said the officer was “next,” as in the next Derek Chauvin. Interestingly, the Columbus officer has little in common with Chauvin. They share only skin color and choice of profession, though shared skin color was enough for LeBron to connect the two.

LeBron was wrong before, and he’s wrong again here. The story does not need to be about Bryant. If there must be a story, it is that a police officer saved the life of a young girl. The name of that officer and the skin colors of the subjects are irrelevant. A cop saved a life — period. Yet LeBron has made the conversation only about race.

“Protect our Young Black Women & Men,” LeBron tweets. That’s exactly what the officer in Columbus, Ohio did. He saved a young black woman’s life. And LeBron tried to ruin his life for it. Quite the thank you, I’d say.

LeBron is making the story worse again.

As Will Cain said to OutKick last week, “LeBron James, at least in the world of sports, is the single most destructive force to race relations in the United States.”

LeBron is purposely misleading his followers, all 50 million of them. He does not want them to see the video, which shows Bryant attempting to kill a young girl. LeBron will not tweet out the full story with context. His sole goal is to convince his supporters that white police are racist and are “hunting” black people. That’s a lie, but it’s a lie LeBron has chosen to spread. A lie that millions of Americans are afraid to acknowledge is a lie.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I used to cut LeFrown a lotta slack by calling him uninformed and stupid…and then I started calling him “evil” a week or two ago…but I’m concluding my diagnosis with “HE’S A SICK FUCK!!!”

  2. You would think the high school drop out would realize he makes matters worse every time he speaks out about his irresponsible tweet concerning the police officer.

    He’s actually more stupid than his tweets make him look.

  3. For 12 years Lebron and others have been told to hate with the last 4 years of messaging going out of control propaganda and manipulation by those seeking power. That kind of hate brings on great irrational behavior. Just a few years ago I saw a story on a palestinian mom who let evil men strap a bomb to her 10 year old child for the glory of maybe killing a couple of innocent Israelis (along with her child). That is irrational hate at its worse and we are going to start seeing it here.

    • Hate but also delusional behavior. As Gary Sheffield, Jr. pointed out on here last week, too many black folks are focused on the wrong things. Here, a teenager was about to seriously injure or murder another black girl. That part is completely lost on the woke idiots. They want people to glorify a deadly criminal (by “saying her name”) and act like the policeman shot some innocent school girl walking home from extra tutoring for science class. Get real people. The whole movement is delusional.

  4. Lemoron has all the skill necessary to be an NBA star. Those skills are dribbling, jumping, dancing and dunking. His intellectual skills are comparable to an average 8th grader. Your paper boy has more intelligence and is more articulate. I apologize to all paper boys, everywhere. America Matters

  5. The whole thing is a tragedy. The girl was an assailant, and the adults in her life let her down. The OTHER girl is the victim, and nobody cares that she exists, it seems. Finally, the officer, who, apart from any media frenzy, must undoubtedly be feeling awful about having to shoot a teenager, regardless of the circumstances. Once you add the media frenzy, it’s misery. There are no winners here.

    • Agreed. To take it a step further, if the knife wielder would have seriously injured or killed the victim of the knife attack no one would have even heard about the story. Think about that woke brigade. You want everyone to love black people and care about their lives yet you don’t even bother to report actual tragedies in your own community. Other than rappers making money off of the violence that is, it is buried.

  6. A kid that’s never been surrounded but by sycophants and leeches is who we decide to listen to on social issues? That’s about as wise as listening to mostly high school dropouts like actors

  7. The article he was referring to said that Ma’Khia Bryant was just defending herself during an altercation. That is complete bullshit, anyone who watched the video knows that, and anyone stating otherwise is a race baiting liar period. Vox = trash
    Lebron = trash. Good day

  8. LeBron is a racist man. At this point why are we wasting any time asking him questions like he is capable of evolving or admitting he was wrong. He’s not that person. He’s immature and racist. And his answers will follow accordingly.

    • Yep. Simply put, James is a flat out racist and laughs about it because all these white people worship him and he hates their guts. That makes him feel powerful.

  9. Lebron, the influencer of 50M fools, will not get vaccinated for unknown reasons. It’s a private decision he claims but his German teammate outed him. Hard to keep things private when you’re constantly seeking attention. Thank you for harming our chances for herd immunity Levron — this *just may* kill more men and women in the Black community than police shootings.

  10. This quote from Will Cain — “LeBron James, at least in the world of sports, is the single most destructive force to race relations in the United States.” — needs to be read to Adam Silver by a real reporter for a reaction.

  11. All he knows how to do is add to his legacy of Dumbassery. I do not follow the NBA. Never have, never will. He runs his mouth more than he runs the floor, I’m guessing.

  12. real cops will keep doing their jobs, but we’re going to start seeing 4k 3D bodycam video of people killing each other as the police standby and video.

    guess thats what racists want. reminds me of denzel washington’s training day comment to ethan hawk about letting criminals kill themselves. wow how prophetic.

    • Shoot in an interesting way that’s justice being brought about.

      Sad part is these criminals often do a lot of damage to the community before they kill each other.

      But yes the race grifters just prefer the 13%ers do the killing of other 13%ers.

  13. He’s a fool soon to be out the league. A emotional man raised by a heathen woman of the world. He’s was raised like a woman. Uneducated and lost he needs to find the real Jesus of the Bible I pray he does as he will keep letting people make a fool out of him.

  14. You keep mentioning his 50MM followers like he carries a significant voice here in the States, he doesn’t. I would assume 49MM are chinese bots and corporate twitter accounts latching on oh and one of them is Clay. He can’t form an intelligent thought, thus he panders to race baiting and simple minded statements. No one who actually has a life/family/values cares what he has to say, period.

  15. The wealthy and politically powerful won’t have to live with the consequences of defunding or reducing policing. Lebron and powerful politicians have access to security details whenever they need it and they know when it is needed.

    If Lebron happens to have a very white-looking friend who wanted to venture into some of Lebron’s old neighborhoods in Akron, I’m sure he would get some advice as to how to stay safe.

    There’s that spiteful part of me that wants to have no police response to calls like this in the future — let them fight it out and clean up the mess afterward.

    I know it is wrong to think that but maybe that is what it will take. So, letting people be bullied, intimidated, and killed by the most violent for a while, is that the answer?

  16. James is a dummy and just keeps getting dumber. How about he say the name of the girl the cop saved? That should be a new movement. Publicize the names of people cops save. The list will be far longer than that who are shot.

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